Modern home offices are varied. Some of us use our kitchen tables, dedicated home offices, or even our beds to be our offices. Here we show some great solutions.

An office nook and library can participate in the open plan or disappear behind pocket doors.
The second-floor office is housed inside a rounded rectangle of concrete that the architect inserted on top of the old farmhouse.
Clei's magical unfolding kitchen box is what everyone with a small apartment needs. When closed, it looks like a cabinet!
The workstation extends directly from the wall, saving space underneath.
Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are greeted by Dutch design studio Unfold’s Kiosk Project that imagines a future where digital printing booths stand next to fast food stalls on city street corners. The idea being that customers will be able to use the Kiosk for a number of instances including getting a bespoke fix for a broken heel or printing out a last minute gift for a friend.
In his home office, Wardell runs his online art gallery Chester's Blacksmith Shop and researches his next project: opening a boutique hotel in New Zealand. His nephew peeks down from the "napping nook" secreted above the office. The desk is from Room & Board.
Stairs lead up to a small loft-like office that overlooks the meeting room below.
The second of two bedrooms includes a hidden desk, a fold-out bed, and ample storage.
The Reading Room
French doors line one wall that extends from the library to the first-floor sitting room and office.
The study features floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that bring the outdoors in. Space-saving custom walnut desks are accented by a Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp, an AJ table lamp, and a 1958 Eames Management Chair.
A well-placed writing desk takes advantage of the view.
A small work surface and task light designate this corner of the bus as the office zone. The couple can keep up on their work while on the road.
The playroom later became Xenia’s office.
Home Gym
Level 4 loft