Make the most with the home you have. Modern renovations are one of the most popular design stories on Dwell. Renovation presents challenges, and smart design delivers solutions. Modern design and architecture allow old construction to meet new ideas and materials. Hire an architect or interior designer whenever possible, because professional training helps mitigate issues and yield truly beautiful spaces.

Strong lines on the floor and the walls reinforce the notion of old and new.
Gracing the cover of the book is the Hunt house, a Regency townhouse Archer modified with a glass cube out the back.
The New Old Light by Taiwanese design trio Lin YiHsien, Shih HsiaoChun, and Yeh TingWei is two lights in one—when one pulls the paper portion down from the wood shade, a soft glow morphs into a direct spotlight. The piece is meant to suggest the interplay between simple and complex forms, Eastern and Western style, and old and new aesthetics.
A bridge now connects the two wings of the house, old and new.
The Langermann house in Wimbledon has a black box addition to a 1960s bungalow.
The Wadham house is in Bristol, England and boasts a reflective aluminum facade.
The Black house in Hertfordshire was an 80's cul-de-sac house in which Archer aimed to add more living space while preserving the bucolic views.
The trick with the Dick/Ellery house was opening the back while retaining the Victorian structure.
The Austin house in London offers a bit of shade to the residents via a perforated steel canopy. The kitchen steps down to the garden.
Five-year-old Thomas Dochter plays outside the houses.
The home doesn't hide its extensive renovations: with all-new windows, installed to maximize both views and solar exposure, it is quite visible where old meets new.
The exterior of the Popadich residence is modeled after boat storage sheds, while the interior is outfitted with industrial concrete and ply.
Bates Masi’s renovation and expansion of Harry Bates’s 1967 house in Amagansett, New York, salvaged much of the home’s original cypress decking and incorporated subtle additions to the exterior. Because cypress quickly develops a patina, it was only a matter of weeks before the new facade matched the color of the original wood siding. Photo by Raimund Koch.
The office, located in the historic Bently Reserve building, combines new and old construction for a practice that works with new and old financial traditions.
The architect with his daughters. The redwood strips on the new house were purposely cut to the same width as the horizontal wood siding on the old house to create visual harmony between the two.
The old kitchen became a bedroom that doubles as a study.
The hall is a mix of old and new. The original building was created in 1911 and the renovations are expected to bring it up to LEED Silver certification.
The sole remnant of Azor’s old home hangs in his kitchen: a metal window screen with heart-like cutouts. The stool and painted plywood countertop was crafted by Janvier Saint Phanor, a cabinetmaker.