Modernism is a philosophical movement that arose from transformations in Western society during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among the factors that shaped modernism were industrialization and the rapid growth of cities.

Created by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, University Tower at The New School in New York's Greenwich Village features a green roof, 20 percent recycled materials, and a banded brass face and lower-than-average glazing ratio (31.5 percent compared to the typical 70-80 percent) to minimize the energy impact of the city's volatile climate.
As the facade of a Bates Masi-designed home in Water Mill, New York, rises from eight to 14 feet high, the mahogany planks subtly widen. “It was quite a demand to make of the contractor,” architect Paul Masi says. “But the design was so much about traveling through the site and weaving [the house] together with the deck.”
In the kitchen, the cabinetry is walnut veneer with a weathered finish applied by cabinetmaker David Rogers. “The process involved sanding and rubbing in stain as well as adding a clear finish,” project architect Eero Puurunen says.
The newly released Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp in Dusty Blue is both cheerful and sophisticated.
The newly released Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp in Elephant Grey is at once minimalist and statement making.
The home is embedded in a hillside with five feet of soil above it. In addition to blending the structure into the landscape, the surrounding earth provides natural insulation.
With four children under the age of six, the Ruells have learned not to be overprotective of their collection of contemporary and vintage furniture. In the living room, an Eames lounge chair and ottoman sit on a Moroccan rug from M.Montague, while the family’s eldest child, Mirene, surveys the indoor/outdoor view. Throughout the house, Kolbe windows and fixed glass (in existing jambs) were added to increase energy efficiency.
The outdoor room is backed by a gabion wall made of stone. Rainwater runs off the roofs into a channel before being funneled through pipes concealed within it to an underground concrete tank.
Sarasota High School

Designed by Paul Rudolph, 1958-1959
The architects felt that a strong vertical addition would draw extra attention to the original house’s strong horizontal character. The tower itself is a reinterpretation of an A-frame from another Strenger house five doors down.
The center added 375,000 square feet to The New School campus in the form of classrooms, a 800-seat auditorium, a residence hall, and more.
During the 2004 renovation the Wilsons replaced the plywood siding with cedar, and used reclaimed brick to maintain the home’s classic appearance.
Consider this lively bathroom that sits within a recently completed waterfront home in Bridgehampton, New York. Situated on two-and-a-half acres of land with 360-degree views of the nearby bay and ocean, it's covered with brightly colored floor-to-ceiling tiles that reflect the shades of the neighboring water. One step through the sliding glass doors and you’ll find yourself on an open terrace.
Healy Guest House (Cocoon House)

Designed by Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph, 1950
“When I first thought of moving to Harlem, I looked at a map,” says Ryall. “The island’s about 210 blocks long, I’m near 110th Street—I thought, ‘It’s right in the center of Manhattan.’”
“The house’s narrow footprint works for us in terms of maximum exposure to the lake,” says Gibbs (shown here with son Blake and dog Max on the shore of Lake Iosco). Glass walls and doors by Andersen also mean that Gibbs can keep a close eye on Blake when he’s playing in the yard. A plinth of reused bedrock found on the property has become an unintended place for active play.
The laneway house features Kentwood engineered-wood floors, Cascadia windows, and aluminum-bar grating. The Eames DAX chair is vintage.
The master bedroom features an unobstructed door-sized opening onto the double-height great room. A pair of Tolomeo classic wall lamps from Artemide hang next to the bed.
Design by Conran Lucina Floor Lamp

A stunning marble base, and turned-wood section, and pull-chain switch give this floor lamp its classic, elegant look.
Bodum 34-oz. Assam Tea Press

Bodum’s Assam Tea Press brews precisely to your desired strength and its patented system stops brewing when tea is plunged, so tea is tasty, not bitter. It is made of heat- and stain-resistant borosilicate glass, and was developed in partnership with the English Tea Council.