“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

An Introduction to Landscape Design: Cover the history of landscape architecture and learn how to cultivate your own backyard oasis.
The backyard’s emphasis on nature is mirrored in the front of the home, which also underwent extensive landscaping by Considered Design. The owners and Parish wanted to “tone everything down” and turn the home into a backdrop for a natural setting.
In another section of the yard, Cooper added varying-sized circular cement stepping stones, which lead toward an elevated planter filled with California-native plants.
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award-winning landscape designer Margie Ruddick, who collaborated with the New York architect Steven Harris on a master plan for the Shillim Institute in India’s Western Ghats mountains, will join landscape architect Hank White onstage for Stewards of Landscape, a discussion on how landscape architects view the future of conservation and stewardship, from a large-scale, civic perspective as well as a citizen level. (ASLA CEU)
Krisel was also known for his boldly modern approach to landscape. The Menrad residence, shown here, features a distinct geometric design. The architect, working in the harsh Palm Springs climate, relied on hardscape elements—setting a precedent for drought-tolerant landscape design.
In the project narrative published on asla.org, Mayer/Reed States: "For most homeless people coming off the street, it's hard to take the first step. We asked ourselves, how would we draw people in from sidewalks, vacant lots, doorways and undersides of bridges? We came to understand the symbolic and physical importance of passing through a gateway to enter the courtyard and seek help." Photo by Bruce Forster.
Here's the site plan.
The studio divided the outdoor spaces into a series of rooms, mimicking the circulation of a family home. The courtyard is adjacent to the men's shelter. Photo by Bruce Forster.
The ASLA jury lauded the Commons's landscape design and stated the following on their website: "This is an SRO that is humane and treats people with dignity. The space is open and inviting and there is a nice use of material. The gate ornamentation signifies the decision of the residents not to be homeless. The space is laid out like a home and is very well-resolved." Photo by Bruce Forster.
Large windows allow the Commons' staff to surpervise activity outside.
Artist Masayuki Nagase created these stone pieces in the courtyard.
Queens Plaza by Margie Ruddick et al.
Casa Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 2002. Landscape design: Margie Ruddick. Architecture: Steven Harris Architects. Interior design: Lucien Rees Roberts. Photo: Scott Frances
The outdoor spaces feature hardy materials like concrete and weathering steel. Mayer/Reed specified drought-tolerant and native plants and grasses.
Create a picturesque setting with this Landscape Dinner Set designed by Doiy Design. Each piece is completely removable and when finished, could perhaps double as a temporary plaything.  (Pin).
Shillim Retreat, Maharashtra, India, 2012. Landscape design: Margie Ruddick. Architecture: Steven Harris Architects, Khanna Schultz, Writer Corporation. Photo: Khanna Schultz
Philadelphia-based landscape designer Margie Ruddick takes to the Sustainable Design stage at Dwell on Design Saturday, June 22 at 11:30 a.m. In the following slideshow, we share a handful of projects that were recognized by the Cooper-Hewitt in awarding her a National Design Award for Landscape Architecture. Read a Q&A with Ruddick here.

Queens Plaza, Long Island City, NY, 2012. Landscape design: Margie Ruddick. Urban design: Marpillero Pollak Architects, Michael Sorkin 2003–04. Architecture: Marpillero Pollak Architects. Environmental artist: Michael Singer Studio. Lighting design: Leni Schwendinger Light Projects. Civil engineer: Langan; Traffic engineer: Eng Wong Taub. Photo: Margie Ruddick/WRT
Sustainable features like green roofs, rainwater collection, and stormwater retention are integrated throughout the design. The project as a whole achieved a LEED Platinum rating. Photo by Bruce Forster.
Urban Garden for Durst Organization, Bank of America building, New York, NY, 2010. Landscape design: Margie Ruddick with WRT. Artist: Dorothy Ruddick. Design architecture: Cook + Fox Architects; Architect of record: Adamson. Fabricator: Mosaiculture Internationale de Montréal. Photo: Sam Oberlander