“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

Formerly known as the Android Market, Google Play is a an Android phone-exclusive digital application that allows users to browse and download various types of media, such as music, books, movies, television shows, and apps published through Google. Here, Gison's design on the Android phone.
A balancing act, an earlier concept.
Tablet version.
Illustration for the launch of Google Play Music All Access by San Francisco-based graphic designer Zachary Gibson.
This one's an earlier concept, too.
Near the entrance is the front room, or music room, their daughter’s current favorite play area. “Every space needed to be used efficiently,” Parisien notes of the home’s remodel.
A custom table surrounded by NET’s Museo chairs and poplar stools provides a space for the Sarmiento Tovo boys, Manuel, 5, and Julián, 3, to play with the toys their mother makes.
CVZ Playing Cards, $12 at the Dwell Store

These playing cards will reimagine the way kids of all ages play cards. The cards include distinctive, graphic renderings of suits and face cards and a bright backing.
Designed by graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk, this deck of cards is recast in a minimalist style, taking it up a notch from traditional playing cards. Design-seeking kids will love the graphic print while they’re playing Go Fish or War.
A perfect stocking stuffer, the Minim Playing Cards are a minimalist take on traditional playing cards. This refined deck will help traveling friends pass the time, and is a great set for home use as well.
No, this isn't day care—it's the Modern Family zone on the show floor in which families tested out the latest play houses and jungle gyms for the youngest of modernists.
“The rules for the good house as an ideal do not change in principle and have only to be looked at afresh. How does one enter a garden? How does the seating area relate to the door and the window? There are many questions like this which need to be answered, and the house consists of these elements. This is modern architecture.” 

Excerpted from The House as Path and Place, 1931, by Josef Frank
We caught up with Graves at his home in Princeton, New Jersey to shoot this video Design Icon: Michael Graves.
Colorful mid-century style furnishings outfit the Red Bull Music Academy. © Greg Irikura 2013.
A signature element of the Villa Beer is this circular window.
The Villa Beer in Vienna, one of Frank’s most important commissions.
Designed by Oiva Toikka for Iittala, the Kastehelmi series is now an iconic product line within the brand. Finnish for “dewdrop,” the Kastehelmi evolved from a technical challenge—Toikka used the glass droplets to cover joint marks left on the surface of pressed glass pieces. Although the technique originally began with functional intentions, the distinctive look made the Kastehelmi series a popular range of glassware.  The Kastehelmi Cake Stand features the iconic dewdrop design, and can either be used for presenting cakes and desserts or as an unexpected display for candles, flowers, and other accents.
Google Dashboard built out an updates page for +Pool's Floating Lab, where you can chart the progress of each day's water filtration tests and play around with data modules.