“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

Project Projects is helmed by Rob Giampietro (on left), Adam Michaels (on right), and Prem Krishnamurthy (not pictured).
Dutch designers Melle Smets and Joost van Onna undertook a project with craftspeople in the Ghanaian neighbourhood of Suami Magazine, where discarded car parts are transformed into new vehicles.
The scraps originate from European cars, and over 200,000 workers in the neighborhood recycle them into vehicles that suit African roads.
Melle Smets and Joost van Onna worked with the local craftspeople to craft a special car, the SMATI Turtle 1, that was featured as part of Design Indaba Expo’s "Africa is Now" exhibition.
Greenwich St. Project (2004).
The firm's work also includes exhibition and logo design. They handled both for the exhibition 'Fast Trash,' which spotlights the pneumatic trash disposal system used on Roosevelt Island since 1975.
Swingtones Project

Mock-up and installation during camp.  “The best part for me was when the kid’s starting seeing the swing come together and really understood the whole picture,” says Cha.

image credit: Supermass Studio + Sage & Coombe Architects
Swingtones Project

Ria Cha, Taewook’s daughter, attended the camp and helped assemble the set of eight swings, which created a joyful cacophony in the New England forest.

image credit: Supermass Studio
Intimate nooks, set amid curvaceous shapes, diffused lighting, and colorful accents, provide a place for rest and recreation. The various levels, including the netting above, playfully engage the space.
The Stitch Project
Swingtones Project

Children fabricating the swings during camp.  “All the projects at Beam have been exciting and amazing, but I was really proud the students could build and enjoy ours,” says Cha.

Image Credit: Supermass Studio
Swingtones Project

Campers at Beam Summer Camp in Strafford, New Hampshire, built the Swingtones swings during a three-and-a-half week period last summer.

Image credit: Juan Ude
The holistic LIVE IN also incorporates space for practical necessities, like sleep.
Located beneath a netting, Wolberg's multifunctional LIVE IN project packs a range of personal configurations into a 131-square-foot unit, including work, play, and sleep.
Swingtones Project

The chimes in the forest. The Beam Summer Camp recently announced their 2014 projects, Forest Phantasmagoria and Creatura. This will be the tenth summer for the camp.

Image Credit: Juan Ude
Swingtones Project

Designer Taewook Cha and his family.

Image Credit: Juan Ude
The MNML team during a design meeting for the Bike Design Project. A collaboration between the MNML design studio and Garry Alderman of Method Bicycle, the Chicago team is working to create the next great leap in urban cycling. Photo courtesy of MNML.