“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

An eight-foot-high sliding glass door leads to the backyard's ipe deck, ideal for informal gatherings. The bench cushions are custom from Studio Collins Weir and the tables and chairs are from Design Within Reach.
James's bedroom furniture was custom designed by Hatch Workshop.
At the Offect booth, visitors experienced the Swedish brand's acoustic panels and modern furniture built for office environments.
The girls’ room features wood furniture designed by Bornstein.
Iconic and modern furnishings mingle at Luminaire, which has showrooms in Chicago and Coral Gables, Florida.
Bright colors dominated the show floor, like the hues seen in these chairs from Bespoke Creative.
Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details.
100% California’s curated collection of furniture, jewelry, ceramics, and more, is definitely one of the most noticeable booths.
I'll leave you with this image as inspiration for your next furniture design project. Note the architectural detailing both in the room and the bench itself. In this case, we worked with Bright Furniture to add the arms and took our cue from the intersecting geometric patterning of the upholstery fabric. We tied the fabric to the bench, and gave the bench a more dynamic presence as a centerpiece in this living room by adding the additional structure to the base design. Remember, be bold and stay true to quality, comfort and function. If you can zero in on these factors when designing a piece of furniture, you'll be a success every time!
This is a great example of how one can take an existing piece and turn it around completely. In this case, there was a pair of matching sofas. The original sofas were much more traditional, but by shaving down the top of the backs, cutting down each sofa and connecting them at the center, I was able to reuse the pieces to create a beautiful 11' sofa to insert in a wall niche, expand the room and bring forward a more contemporary result. For the client, they achieved the contemporary feeling they were aiming for and saved on the cost of a new sofa by more than half the price.
Take a look at this sofa and flip to the next image.
Sunbeam Vintage, a Los Angeles furniture collective based in the neighborhood of Highland Park, displays both their vintage finds and their exclusive line of coffee tables.
Wood references its natural roots in a still from the film. “Questioning the way we see has become a constant source of inspiration for my work,” says Shladovsky.
Stainless steel rods inserted into layered plywood make this media cabinet from Bespoke Creative extra sturdy. In the background are some bent and painted aluminum pieces.
Since graduating from Pratt Institute in 2004, Los Angeles–based designer and researcher Jonathan Olivares has undertaken numerous projects. He's designed furniture for the likes of Danese, Driade, and Knoll, the latter for whom he created the Olivares Aluminum Chair, a space-saving stacking chair in colorful matte finishes. Olivares will join us onstage to discuss merging business with design.
Brendan Ravenhill, who runs a studio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, will take to the Dwell on Design stage to extol the virtues of craftsmanship and accessibility as it relates to emerging designers. Defined by its simple tensegrity is the Cord pendant, made and assembled in the USA.
Docks by Till Grosch and Björn Meier for Ophelis. Enclosed upholstered seating is the trend du jour. This sofa, available in 57 colors of Kvadrat fabric, also includes a central “e-box” for hiding cables.
Gold and Williams, designers of the Savoy chandelier (pictured), have spent the last 25 years building their business out of an ability to see what needs to be changed—to bring comfort home, and to ensure that our planet continues to be a comfortable home.