Architecture and design ideas for modern farmhouses, barns, and modern out buildings represent a wish to get back to the land. Here we present ideas for renovating old buildings as well as examples of new modern construction in the country.

Architect Chris Pardo designed the Element 1 model for prefab builder Method Homes, cladding it in Cor-Ten steel and cedar. Pardo’s design “is the definition of simple, elegant, straightforward building,” resident Karen Kiest says.
The front facade features Cor-Ten steel fabricated by Praxy Cladding.
The front facade features Cor-Ten steel fabricated by Praxy Cladding.
A 24-by24-foot Cor-ten-clad pavilion tops the three-story addition.
Cor-Ten steel and board-form concrete give the exterior a weathered look.
A connection to the elements was crucial to Merer, who describes his design philosophy as "looking for the perfect union of object and environment."
Architect Andrew McAvoy created an earth-sheltered house in Scotland for Gavin and Angelique Robb and children Scarlett and Gus.
McAvoy rebuilt the farmhouse’s original stone walls piece by piece. The couple found the sofa and ottoman at a local shop, Annie Mo’s. For the new structure, Grace & Webb fabricated a laser-cut steel balcony.
Cor-Ten steel from a ship building yard clads the new structure, which connects via a glass “bridge” to a rebuilt stone farmhouse containing the bedrooms.
The house features a concrete rainscreen painted gray and Cor-Ten steel paneling around the exterior of the bedrooms. The horizontal louver theme around the dining room windows mimics the vocabulary established on the street-facing facade.
For a cost-conscious 2,000-square-foot renovation located 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, architect Nick Deaver took a look around for inspiration. He spied galvanized metal cladding on the region’s sheds and co-opted the inexpensive, resilient material for his own design.
At the rear of the house, exterior steel cladding by Vicwest updates the look of the facade, while a steel footbridge connects the garden to the main floor of the house
The second-floor office is housed inside a rounded rectangle of concrete that the architect inserted on top of the old farmhouse.
Among the first Passive Houses in France, this bamboo-clad farmhouse by the Parisian firm Karawitz Architecture only uses a tenth of the energy a conventionally constructed home does. Photo by Nicholas Calcott.
Aidlin Darling's design for a three-story, Cor-Ten steel addition to a beachfront house in San Francisco was featured in the September 2007 edition of Dwell. Photo by Robert Schlatter.
The fire-resistant structure is clad in corrugated Cor-Ten steel that has been left to rust for easy maintenance. Instead of fussy landscaping, the family spread seed for native grasses and wildflowers that they let fill in naturally.
Landscape architect and artist Mikyoung Kim created a Cor-ten steel fence to enclose a three-acre site in Lincoln, Massachusetts. “The entire fence is made using just seven lengths of modular, precut Cor-Ten steel bars, with widths being anywhere from two to five bars thick," explains the designer. "Depending on the angle from which you see it, the fence can appear transparent or opaque.” Read the full article here.
The geometric front facade of the home is made of Cor-Ten steel, segregated into eight vertical panels. Juxtaposed with its lush natural environment, the front elevation is a minimal and abstract counterpoint to its surroundings. An exterior pool meets the facade at its base.
The home's outer walls were dry-stacked with limestone cut from a Texas Granbury quarry, and its gabled roof was made with weathered Cor-Ten steel that emits the same maverick spirit as a Richard Serra sculpture. The freestanding fireplace just inside the courtyard was even salvaged from the old house’s living room. Clean stucco walls contrast with the grass and trees, while reclaimed wood siding complement them.
Architects Alice Fung and Michael Blatt designed their own home in Los Angeles, complete with a modern fireplace design clad in galvanized steel.