Modern home offices are varied. Some of us use our kitchen tables, dedicated home offices, or even our beds to be our offices. Here we show some great solutions.

The Reading Room
Stairs lead up to a small loft-like office that overlooks the meeting room below.
Creekside Residence
Level 4 loft
In his home office, Wardell runs his online art gallery Chester's Blacksmith Shop and researches his next project: opening a boutique hotel in New Zealand. His nephew peeks down from the "napping nook" secreted above the office. The desk is from Room & Board.
French doors line one wall that extends from the library to the first-floor sitting room and office.
Another view of the pair, with pup Pip underfoot.
Atherton and Keener review architectural drawings in their “living room,” which also serves as a work studio and performance space.
In a space measuring just 650 square feet, multifunctionality is key.
From 1964 to 1965, Alexander Girard designed the interiors of the Cummins Corporate Office. For  the lobby’s ceiling, Girard worked with Cummins project  manager Harold Hatter to fabricate the plaster-coated metal “stalactites.”
Columbus, Indiana
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017