Garages, garage organization, and modern garage renovations are always intriguing. The idea that there is a space in your orbit that could be repurposed and solve some storage or living issue captures us all. Here we show projects that creatively use garages as storage and living spaces.

The garage behind the concrete wall.
The clean lines of the house’s minimalist façade is accented by standing-seam metal cladding.
This stone volume emerges from the topography like an ancestral cave, with its mouth serving as the entrance to the house.
The home’s lower level serves as a garage, allowing direct access to the house.
A green roof blooms atop the detached garage.
The garage is set up like an art gallery.
The exterior mixes pale gray wood on the vertical volume, and fiber cement and black brick on the horiztonal volume. The three trees in the front yard were maintained during the renovation process.
The varied heights of the volumes create interesting interior perspectives.
A garage full of cupboards can’t contain Orpilla’s toolkit.
“The goal I had was for a new building to be sympathetic to a quirky, soulful little cabin that was not modern in many ways,” Jones says. He mirrored the original home by incorporating the same cement stucco, painted pure white, with Douglas fir soffits. Two Douglas fir trees had to be cut down during construction, and they were repurposed throughout the home—including for this bench.
The parcel was practically inaccessible. It was situated 20 feet beyond where the road dead-ended at a curb and lay another 20 feet below street grade. The plot lacked municipal hookups and plummeted down the hill at a 50-percent slope. But the neighboring property had caught Edmonds’s eye: Just beyond the steep pitch was the P-Patch community garden in which she and Hale had been growing salad greens for years. “We’d carry a trowel and bike over from our old apartment,” Edmonds remembers fondly. “It was our escape.”
Manson Barn by SkB Architects
Add an extra Porsche with a custom residential car lift by American Custom Lifts, designers of the first and only American-made single post car lift for storing two vehicles in the parking space of one.
The slanted roof above the garage, painted white to reflect the heat in the tropical environment, also contains a solar heating system for water. The home also features a rainwater collection system, particularly useful during the long rainy season.
The crown jewel is Lolo’s collection of more than half a dozen classic cars, not related to farming.
How about a customized barn to house that prized classic car collection.  Barn Pros can set you up with a wide variety of packages including everything from blueprints (you could pay up to $30,000 for those alone) to lumber and hardware, ready to build—the only materials not included are nails, concrete, and the final layer of roofing.