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The gut renovation by Lundberg Design features cathedral ceilings, a completely glazed-end façade, and a dropped floor level in the living area. Additional elements include a Finnish soapstone stove in the center for heat; steel trusses and windows to add some visual detail; and a trellis on the front to add depth and texture to the façade.
Sonoma Wine Country I
Sweeping views from the many terraces look onto the Bay.
Outside, Kartell Masters chairs surround a Tom Dixon Screw table.
Trejos finished the roof with artificial grass, creating a terrace perfect for dinner parties as well as morning yoga sessions. The client's wife, a ballerina who teaches antigravity yoga, where participants are suspended from textiles, also made the suggestion to include the oversized cloth sails above the roof, a reference to her fitness routine.
An outdoor dining area is shaded by a mesh canopy suspended by old drilling pipes.
Large sliding doors connect the living room to both the courtyard and a covered porch on the western side of the house.
Designed by Tim Golba, this 3,400-square-foot home is walking distance to the La Jolla beaches. The home was constructed as a modernist oasis, with an emphasis on reflecting the peace and tranquility of the La Jolla landscape. The home features disappearing glass walls and a spacious, minimalist interior aesthetic that unites concrete and glass under soaring ceilings and extended outdoor living areas.
A family-run business in Woodsville, NH. Coventry Log Homes offers a range of log home kits from tiny cabins, to large-scale homes. The use kiln-dried White Pine logs all sourced within an 80-mile radius of their factory.
Blu Home's miniature models offer streamlined, flexible, and multifunctional spaces that are designed to be used for various purposes.
Entrance Court
The guesthouse hovers above the motor court. “The main area was broken up into four zones: the kids wing, the guest suite, the master suite, and the living-dining room and kitchen, which is a transition area, where public meets private,” says Hawkins.
The Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, features a solar hemicycle footprint. Image courtesy of Wright Auction House.
Collective Retreats recruited William Howell to be their executive chef across all locations. With a background in Colorado cuisine and with personal interests as a professional angler, outdoorsman, and butcher, Howell works with his team to create a unique, locally-sourced dining experience.
Keeping it DIY, a greenhouse, a winter garden, a pop-up shop, a seasonal cafe, a sports facility or an outdoor classroom? Whatever your needs may be, F.Domes delivers. Their self-assembly kits provide a fabulous environment for every use. Thanks to their quick and easy assembly, F.Domes are a popular choice among those looking for basic, yet rigid and beautiful outdoor structure.
According to McCorkell, the l-shaped footprint “[braces] the dwelling from the predominant winter winds from the southeast.” The full-glazed façade faces the north, trapping the angles from the northern sun.
The main house on Petra Island sits on the exact site chosed in 1949 by Frank Llyod Wright himself.
Outer Space Landscape Architects built a custom fireplace in the backyard, which acts as a backstop for the seating area.
A third-floor courtyard stands in for a backyard and gives Elodie, the couple’s two-year-old daughter, a place to play outdoors. A Hunting chair by Børge Mogensen shares the space with a child’s chair by 

Tomii Takashi and a vintage Danish coffee table.
Preservation Props

Since the house is in a historic district, Beebe and Skidmore’s interventions were constrained by local guidelines, including a stipulation that the walls of the addition couldn’t line up with the walls of the existing house. They bumped the walls in by five feet on either side and painted the addition, clad in siding from Capital Lumber, 

a color complementary to the original building’s deep, bright blue. “A guy from Boise’s preservation office came by and said, ‘This is a perfect example of how we’d like people 

to build additions,’” says Dana. “We were pretty proud of that.”


Sonoma Wine Country I
Sonoma Wine Country I
This net-zero residence by CitiZen Design Studio features Western Window Systems chosen for energy efficiency. The Series 600 Multi-Slide 90-Degree Door is architecturally eye-catching, meeting at a right angle in the home’s great room, and features dual-paned low-E glass.
Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi are ready for adventure.
Translucent fiberglass panel walls form a permeable, fiber-reinforced plastic membrane between indoors and out.
"I wanted to preserve the canopy, the sales space, the garage door, everything," Judin tells FvF. "It wasn’t until later that I realized there was also still space for a garden."
The bach features a series of moveable wall-sized glass panels and screens that define light, shade, and shelter, and are designed to make the most of the limitations of the surrounding plot. The central kitchen-dining-living space can be opened completely, or shut up tight in winter.

“One of the builders referred to it as the ‘inside-out house’,” says Herbst. “I thought that was quite fitting.”
A selection of pieces from the Maia outdoor collection by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal make up the seating area outside.
Cal and Macy jump rope with mom and dad.

Whether it's a backyard patio, an infinity pool, or a rooftop terrace, these modern outdoor spaces add to the richness of daily life. Escape into nature, or get lost in city views. Wherever you are, let these outdoor photos take you somewhere new with inspirational ideas for yards, gardens, outdoor tubs and showers, patios, porches, and decks.

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