9 Outdoor Swimming Pools, Tubs, Showers Tile Patio, Porch, Deck Trees Design Photos And Ideas

A pristine swimming pool awaits further down the sloping grounds, with a pavilion and fire pit just steps away. An abundant vegetable garden is also located on the secluded lot.
Completed in 1948, the Donnell Garden by landscape architect Thomas Church is one of the most influential midcentury landscapes.
This 3,200-square-foot structure was assembled with a prefabricated foundation, concrete panel siding, and efficient built-ins, minimizing construction debris and toxins—such as concrete foundation tar—on the site.
Cuffhome paired up with friend and artist, Bradley Duncan. "He has a way with making moments using outdoor containers and plants," they say.
The covered outdoor living/dining/entertaining area overlooks the pool.
A Grid lounging unit combined with woven Bells table and the Teak Log side table.