10 Outdoor Lap Pools, Tubs, Showers Hanging Lighting Design Photos And Ideas

Designed to enjoy life, inside & out.
When taking a vacation is as simple as stepping outside.
and your go-to burger joint is in the backyard.
Generously shady roof overhangs provide shelter from the summer heat and oversized doors allow air to move through.
When your favorite place for a drink is just steps from your living room...
Throughout the day, light animates the limestone walls to various effects. “As the sun rotates around and is more oblique to the texture of the stone, it casts these wonderful shadows on it,” says Raike. “And you just get a real appreciation for the texture of the stone and the richness of the colors in it.”
Urban landscapes abut natural ones.
The pool area.
The Master Suite on the end of the house has corner windows to enjoy the view.
Triple-pane windows by Optiwin reduce the ambient temperature of the glass by ten degrees in winter.