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The living room leads to a cedar deck complete with a RODA LAZE rocking chair, accentuating the clients' desire for a seamless fluidity with the outdoors.
A concrete walkway connects the living and dining rooms to the exterior, and concrete forms a built-in bench for lounging by the Solo Stove fire pit.
Hay outdoor furniture sits underneath the steel pergola.
A sliding glass door opens onto a terrace.
Before tackling the house, the couple converted the garage into a separate work space with a long, linear window that echoes that in the main house.
A small deck and a custom concrete planter complete the seating area off of the main bedroom.
“We took some pains to save the tree,” says Humble of the mature cherry tree that was preserved in the redevelopment. “We used it to focus all of our new openings.”
A built-in box seat on the timber deck adjoining the dining area offers an outdoor space for an enjoyable moment in the sun. This area is shaded by deep eaves formed by the extension of the timber batten ceiling outside.
The timber batten ceiling in the living and dining area extends out over the timber deck and seamlessly folds up into the balustrade of the second-floor balcony. “I tried to use windows as transition elements between materials, such as the bifold glazing from the dining area to the outside that separates the different wall materials abutting it, but with the ceiling finish extending beyond,” says architect Kirsten Johnstone. “There’s an element of playfulness with the details.”
"The patios, yard, and pool were all designed to support an active social life for the homeowners’ children and friends and to make the place a hub of activity," Epstein says.
Large sliders blur the line between indoors and out and expand the living space.
The curves of the deck follow the contour of the land.
On a recent phone call, the firm caught up with the homeowner while she was opening a bottle of champagne. “What are you celebrating?” Campos remembers asking her. “She said, ‘Every few months I buy a bottle of champagne, and I open it up, and I celebrate that I live in this house.’”
Guests unwind in the cedar ofuro soaking tub, overlooking the blazing fire pit and dense forest.
The lounge deck at the rear yard of Sunset Hills Residence features a swimming pool surrounded by lush gardens. Architect Hsu McCullough's design beautifully merges minimalism with an abundance of nature.
Zumaooh designed Sonoma Residence to be the perfect space for family activities that interact with the beautiful surrounding landscape. Large windows peer out into the meadows, and cozy patios allow the family to soak up the fresh air.
Cedar soaking tub and fire pit at night
The indoor/outdoor connection was important for entertaining as well. The windows and doors can be thrown open, and people can sit close to the kitchen, inside or out, with the raised platform doubling as informal seating.
The backyard features custom built-in teak seating, a fire pit, and an organic vegetable garden.
The central courtyard connects to a raised deck for socializing within easy access to the kitchen.
A swing chair on the deck.
A single private deck to the south features an outdoor bath with a full, panoramic view.
When you stay in Manshausen, you’ll be suprised to find a hot tub and dam that you can enjoy at your leisure. It holds up to 14 people and leads down to a dam that holds salt water that’s pumped into the contained area to keep it fresh.
Large openings and a two-bay screened-in porch further emphasize the connection between the indoors and outdoors.
The existing deck was extended to allow access from the master bedroom to rear yard.
"My client’s highest priority was building a pool," says Hannah. "The property had 2 flat acres—rare in this neighborhood—which was ideal for a pool. We were able to do a very simple and modern granite pool with a beautiful contrast of concrete and decking... and still have room in the back yard for a giant vegetable garden."
Another glimpse of the views.
This is the deck off the living room.
view to new addition from rear lawn
The L-shaped layout embraces a patch of a private garden where the owners can lounge in the sunshine, picnic on the property, and take in views of the nearby lake.
View from Southwest @ Dusk
West Elevation @ Dusk
West Elevation
The rear elevation of the home faces North, taking advantage of natural light via extensive doors and clerestory windows tucked under the eaves.
A pre-existing deck off the living room was built around a 70-year-old silver maple tree.
The property has been in Barensfeld's family since the 1970s.
Eisler Landscapes provided plants for the yard.
In the rear, a wooden deck is supported by concrete and shaded by a roof overhang.
 The indoor portion is set behind sliding glass doors and can be used for storing firewood.
Partially enclosed, the exterior platform features an outdoor swing that is suspended from the timber-framed porch.
Sitting on the edge of a lake in the Mornington Peninsula, this house by Melbourne-based MA Architects was designed as a series of teak-clad modules with the main living areas in the center and large deck that extends from the living room.
Architect Prineas remodelled this minimalist residence in Lane Cove, in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, with a rear extension connected to the main house via a small link that creates two internal courtyards. The house had plenty of strategically positioned large windows and skylights that connect it with the tree canopies above it.
Makai’s structural steel components were designed by Mark Donofrio and affixed to the lava at four points. The kitchen contains a Kohler sink and pot racks from IKEA. "Because of the angle of the lava, it’s asymmetrical," says architect Erin Moore.
A small terrace outfitted with an H55 easy chair by Björn Hultén offers a view of the San Francisco Bay.
The Blue Sky prototype house leads a second life as desert getaway for David McAdam and his partner Scott Smith.
The layout of the three buildings creates a private garden space within the site.
A pool and sun deck on the eastern side of the plot.
Thorsteinsson (above left, standing in doorway) relaxes with his daughter Carmen 

Inga (standing) and friends on the outdoor sleeping pavilion. The platform is surrounded by 

black lava rock, which acts as a deterrent to keep children away from the edge of the second-story deck.
The east patio overlooks to the yaupon holly trees.

Whether it's a backyard patio, an infinity pool, or a rooftop terrace, these modern outdoor spaces add to the richness of daily life. Escape into nature, or get lost in city views. Wherever you are, let these outdoor photos take you somewhere new with inspirational ideas for yards, gardens, outdoor tubs and showers, patios, porches, and decks.