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The new blackbutt timber deck is designed for entertaining, al fresco dining, and enjoying views of the garden and surrounding bushland. It features a large dining table, a hanging egg chair, and a barbecue.
The new blackbutt timber deck has been designed for entertaining, al fresco dining, and enjoying views of the garden and surrounding bushland. It features a large dining table, a hanging egg chair, and a barbecue.
Garden with mature landscaping growing fruit, vegetables and flowers
The street front, on the south side of the property, is directly across from a busy intersection. “This problem resulted in the gable trellis balcony, one of our favorite design features,” reveals architect Nicholas Fiore. “The balcony serves three functions: as a headlight filter, as a subtle nighttime beacon when lit from within, and as a nod to a favorite Mapleton Hill historic detail—gable woodwork filigree, which is seen throughout the neighborhood.”
A small deck and a custom concrete planter complete the seating area off of the main bedroom.
“We took some pains to save the tree,” says Humble of the mature cherry tree that was preserved in the redevelopment. “We used it to focus all of our new openings.”
Sun loungers are integrated into the roof terrace, which features timber decking and lush landscaping.
The compartments on the sea-facing facade are one of Sundberg's favorite features of the design. They "work on a lot of levels," he says.
Sundberg says the owners are very proud of the house, not only for its aesthetic, but also because of "how it creates this distillation of the things they love about their place in Sweden, how wonderful it makes them feel. That sort of brings us right to the core of what we try to do always."
A long, timber deck extends through the tree canopy at House of the Big Arch. As House of the Tall Chimneys has only a bedroom/living space and a bathroom, all other activities, such as cooking and dining, takes place at House of the Big Arch.
The deck, which overlooks the uninterrupted forest, has been left uncovered so the inside of the house receives ample natural light throughout the year.
The home is situated on a steep site and is accessed from a cedar stair that leads to a wraparound deck on the east side of the house. The construction all follows the shape of the cliff. “The vision was to hold to the expansive and unobstructed feeling of the land,” says the owner. “If I were to build something else, I would consider finding a flatter space or building near a field. Sometimes it’s just nice to walk on a flat surface.”
The seating on this terrace outside a second-story bedroom not only functions as a balustrade, but also provides privacy. It faces the raised planter wall in the courtyard.
“[The clients] appreciate nature in a controlled aesthetic. This appreciation for the simplicity of nature translates into a disciplined and considered garden where a few trees make a huge impact,” says architect Alan Tay.
Ample patio space provides the perfect background for entertaining—both for the homeowners and their children. Large overhangs with built-in lighting shade wood-clad patios with comfortable lounge chairs.
"The patios, yard, and pool were all designed to support an active social life for the homeowners’ children and friends and to make the place a hub of activity," Epstein says.
A commodious picnic table makes eating alfresco a beloved family ritual.
A Mission-style sofa and matching club chair are paired with a bamboo-and-stone table on a secondary outdoor deck, where grilling with friends is a popular pastime.
designed by Estúdio Minke
Large sliders blur the line between indoors and out and expand the living space.
The cantilevering deck off of the master suite.
On-site hardwood was reused wherever possible; here it features in the screen and deck of the outdoor shower.
A Japanese-style outdoor bathing area with a tub and shower sits on the property.
Outdoor living area in covered porch.
The patio invites dining alfresco under a neon sign custom-created for AutoCamp.
A peek at the panoramic over-the-hedge views.
The upper deck, surrounded by a glass rail, is an ideal spot to enjoy panoramic Portland views.
The addition increased the floor area of the single-level house to 2,228 square feet.
Masi's main goal was to better connect the home with its private yard.
The exterior of Connect 4L 1,600 sf 3 bed 3 bath 2 story modern prefab.
North elevation
A new, custom hot tub was added beneath a retractable Ipe wood deck.
Polar Life Haus manufactures individually designed wooden homes and log homes. The company focuses on environmentally friendly building materials and the well-being of people and nature.
A collection of low-slung volumes create a series of platforms near the ground, so family members can be close together while still retaining their privacy.
The couple added sliding doors so that the deck could become an extension of the living area.
"We spend a lot of time in the backyard all year round. We wanted to take advantage of Los Angeles' weather and have a true indoor/outdoor feel in the house," says Jenn, who is a Hollywood film producer.
La Binocle is perched high atop a hill, maximizing views of the valley below.
The home's charred timber exterior resembles a crow's plumage.
Multiple outdoor living spaces and a wraparound deck emphasize indoor/outdoor living.
Buying a home can be an exciting milestone, but do you have all of the necessary paperwork (and patience)?
A cantilevered screen porch provides an ideal location for outdoor dining.
Why build a Passive House? "The obvious answer is low heating and cooling bills, but we find people most appreciate the other benefits, like consistent thermal comfort, sound proofing, and air quality," say the architects.
The second seating area features furniture from All Modern.
On the entry side, the house is a single-story long gable structure.
"The house features two distinct approaches," says Schiller. "The family arrives via a long dirt road to the back side of the house, shaped as a single-story barn. Below the house, guests park in a dirt pull-off and arrive via a long grass path through meadow grasses, entering the house from the south via a wide, glue-laminated exterior stair."
"The most challenging part of the design was fusing the old part of the house with the new addition," says principal architect Alex Terry. The character and architectural integrity of the single-level 1950s ranch house was thoughtfully reconsidered during the addition and remodel. The home’s front porch, typical of the period, was refreshed with Ipe decking and railing.
The textured facade playfully displays light and shadows as the sun moves throughout the day and seasons. The framed breezeway reaches outward to the fjord.
An outdoor swing bed makes the most of sunny, Santa Monica weather.
The unique residence features a 1,500-square-foot deck.
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design
“We wanted to ‘cap’ the dwelling with a generous, almost sweeping canopy that would keep the majority of the high sun exposure areas in shade,” says Pande. “We also played with the roof volume to break free from the constraints of a typical ‘box modern’ home.”
“We wanted to ‘cap’ the dwelling with a generous, almost sweeping canopy that would keep the majority of the high sun exposure areas in shade. We also played with the roof volume to break free from the constraints of a typical ‘box modern’ home,” says Pande.
The home's low-maintenance Cor-Ten steel exterior can be easily washed down when needed.
The existing deck was extended to allow access from the master bedroom to rear yard.

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