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A koi moat surround this thatched-roof home—a collaboration between AmDesign Studio and Creative Architects—near Ho Chi Minh City.
The decorative screen casts playful shadows across the front terrace.
The living room opens to the private, walled exterior courtyard at the front. “I really love the design of the courtyard and the fact that you can see it from everywhere in the house,” notes Fox. The ottoman is from Jardan and the outdoor chair is Hay.
Fox’s home design encompasses 2637 square feet across four levels, and includes a garage, an independent unit for guests, and two floors for her family of four.
A deck connects the container home to the outdoors.
In situ concrete planter beds filled with creepers and succulents expand the lush garden.
A new set of concrete steps lead up to the main entrance. The steep site and power lines obstructed crane access, so the home’s enormous windows, trees, and even a one-ton marble dining table had to be carried in by hand.
Transparent walls and Japanese design cues define this renovated home in an Austin suburb.
An award-winning, modern masterpiece inspired by Neutra
Wrapped with an acrylic mirror, the addition essentially disappears into the surrounding greenery. A deep, round, porthole-like window looks out on a small pond that also reflects the garden.
A front garden creates a moment of pause. "The lower front window has a two-inch-thick box going around it," says Martin. "It was a solution to enhance the kitchen window, bypassing the corner of the facade and the column it contained." This would enlarge the second kitchen counter inside, where the stove is placed.
Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne, has a strong manufacturing presence, and vibrant art scene, and strong Mediterranean ties with many Italian and Greek residents.
A gravel trail winds through greenery into the entryway of the home, reinforcing the parklike nature of the site.
Olympia Prairie Home exterior
"The client’s goals were to create an open and light-filled home that maximized views of the Coachella Valley below and the Santa Rosa mountains to the south and west," says designer Stuart Silk Architects. Thunderbird Heights Residence enjoys a fluid connection between the primary indoor rooms and the outdoor terraces both for entertaining and casual outdoor living.
designed by Estúdio Minke
designed by Estúdio Minke
Landscape Design by Land Morphology
The central patio acts as an introspection space
The mirrored glass creates a game of reflections between the old and new elements.
The 12 apartments are arranged around the original central patio
The perennial front porch, re-imagined as a seamless extension of the home's interior.
The elongated walkway and porch creates outdoor circulation during the summer months
There is native, drought-resistant landscaping at the entrance.
The original main house.
The 10-Star Home is a design collaboration between Clare Cousins Architects and The Sociable Weaver. The shapely exterior blends into the surrounding landscape.
Narrow- growing beech and sweetgum trees do not obstruct views to and from the home but create scale and connection to the ground plane.
The façade received fresh paint, as well as new impact resistant windows. The two-story addition rises behind it. “Given that the two-story wing was larger than the existing structure, it was critical for the new building to appear as lightweight as possible,” says the firm. “The reading of concrete, which is an almost universal residential structural system in South Florida, would have been too heavy against the reading of the low-slung wood roof of the original house.”
The second building contains the main living spaces and accesses the pool. The view from the second floor is framed by the separated gable.
A natural, stacked-stone fin is the grounding element below the cantilevered bedroom wing.
The beautifully landscaped front yard of 9 Tallwoods Road.
Instead of focusing on reworking the street-facing front wall of the house, they turned their attention to the back wall, and found a better way to connect the interiors with the beautiful garden. This allowed them to stay true to the suburban vernacular of gabled brick walls and a terra-cotta roof, while modernizing the back section of the house quite dramatically.
living into landscapes.....
The couple source ideas for their garden from their trips to Japan.
In winter, the conservatory is configured to enable solar gain while keeping cold air out.
Two walls of glass frame the atrium, filling the home with natural light and a strong sense of the outdoors.
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design
Green Roof and Ocean View
The Yard and living room
Front of the house.
East Elevation Entry Detail

Whether it's a backyard patio, an infinity pool, or a rooftop terrace, these modern outdoor spaces add to the richness of daily life. Escape into nature, or get lost in city views. Wherever you are, let these outdoor photos take you somewhere new with inspirational ideas for yards, gardens, outdoor tubs and showers, patios, porches, and decks.