221 Outdoor Rooftop Design Photos And Ideas

An aerial view of the rooftop deck.
The rooftop deck is a great place for alfresco dining in the summer.
The rooftop deck looks out to city views.
Stargazing Portal
A rooftop deck provides views of the beautiful Algarve coast.
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
A stunted marble table sits between two armchairs.
The burnt ash exterior timber cladding by Woodform Architectural features alternating thicknesses.
The rooftop garden not only provides daily food for the family, but also a place to rest every afternoon.
To keep the original street-level exterior view, the second-floor addition was set back from the building’s existing façade.
Pulltab’s ingenious skylit lightwells visible from the terrace Marcovitz and Geiger requested for the newly built-out second-floor roof terrace. The outdoor table is vintage Paul McCobb.
The family often spends evenings in front of the fire pit on the outdoor patio on the second floor.
Walden 7 is a vertical labyrinth of connected courtyards, terraces, and apartments.
A dynamic walkway bridges a gap above terraced planters.
The roof terrace offers an outdoor lounge space, as well as views into the Seattle hills.
On the second story, a rooftop garden spans the top of the house, offering views of Vietnam's capital city.
Atop the 30-foot tower, a roof deck emerges through the trees, providing a unique vantage point of the structure below and the surrounding townscape.
Contemporary materials like zinc and glass contrast with a cast iron facade and slate roofs.
Perched atop the historic Gilsey House, the J+K Residence also overlooks a storied neighborhood. The land, located north of Madison Square, was one of New York's last remaining family farms before becoming a bustling theater district. It then devolved into a neglected wholesale district until being rediscovered by artists and entrepreneurs.
A private rooftop terrace with a Juliet balcony that looks down at a gallery space on the ground level.
"I intended to create futuristic and savage architecture that awakens human animal instincts in which the inside and outside are reversed multiple times," states Hirata.
Sweis created a number of different outdoor spaces, each with its own feel.
The terrace off the main living room features spectacular views of the surroundings.
Leaning against the rooftop’s metal railing is like standing on the deck of an ocean liner, says Luise.
Bob and Goya walk atop the guesthouse, which nestles into a hill.
The roofs are planted with rosemary, myrtus, westringia, and more.
The weathering steel exterior pays homage to the owner’s youth, which was spent welding oil tanks.
A grated metal footbridge with hog-wire, guard-rail panels connects the top of the mesa from the west side to the observation deck. Stairs lead to the glazed studio and hunting blind below.
The rooftop lounge overlooks the town square, cathedral, and Sierra Laguna Mountains, and is often used for unplugged concerts. The site's zoning allows for two additional floors, making future development of residential apartments or penthouses possible.
The roof deck forms a connector between the two cedar-clad volumes, while also providing additional outdoor space.
Wood vases on the roof deck by Meritxell Ribé-The Room Studio.
An armchair by Teodora Exteriorismo on the roof deck.
The architects made the most the penthouse’s elevated position by opening it up to the roof.
Rear view as guest inn entry from the bottom side
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#WalkerWorkshop #exterior #outside #outdoor #landscape #fireplace #concrete
#WalkerWorkshop #exterior #outdoor #outside #landscape #lounge #window
Green Roof and Ocean View
View from the rooftop.
Indoor/outdoor living areas were the focal point of the project, and helped define the sustainability strategies during design.
The owners encourage native plant growth by consulting with Sigmetum, a team of botanical architects based in Lisbon.
The rectangular edges of the whitewash rooftop terrace is perfectly integrated into the surrounding nature.
The wooden rooftop deck is edged with river stone.
Concrete steps lead up to the concrete's extension's roof deck and also connects to the courtyard of the second building.
An expansive outdoor deck features a spacious gunite swimming pool, spa, and pool house with an outdoor shower—all of which add to the home's resort-like feel.
Scott has incorporated a bespoke timber and steel staircase next to the terrace to create a sunny core.

Whether it's a backyard patio, an infinity pool, or a rooftop terrace, these modern outdoor spaces add to the richness of daily life. Escape into nature, or get lost in city views. Wherever you are, let these outdoor photos take you somewhere new with inspirational ideas for yards, gardens, outdoor tubs and showers, patios, porches, and decks.