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In most of the loft, the original wood flooring and the herringbone pattern of the vaulted brick ceiling have been carefully preserved.
The architects made less into more by designing rooms that multitask. When no guests are in town, the spare room easily reconfigures into a cozy home office, complete with its own powder room.
Family art room, the heart of the house where this family's shared passion of creating art together is nurtured.
The ground floor office, where irregularly white-ash wood panels, sourced from Massachusetts Woodlands Cooperative, line the walls.
A John Baldessari photograph rests on a shelf above a built-in desk just around the corner from the kitchen.
Taos, New Mexico
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
Architect Hernán Landolfo and his girlfriend, photographer Lucia Gentile, live and work in the apartment, sharing an elevated office space.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
A built-in desk in the media room is also by Henrybuilt.

Mill Valley, California
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
Architect Jeff Jordan designed plywood millwork to divide the 2,700-square-foot space. The nook is decorated with a shibori textile made by resident Bev O’Mara. The concrete kitchen island and countertops were fabricated by Brooklyn-based firm  Art in Construction.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
Beside the kitchen, two Cherner armchairs are paired with a built-in desk that extends from the cabinets, made by Corsi.

Irvington, New York
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
The bedroom/studio shares a wall with the bedroom/office.

New York, New York
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
Home office
A workspace within Wenes's Antwerp house and gallery features splashes of color.
The main rooms include an art nook.
With the help of architect Bart Lens, Veerle Wenes and Bob Christiaens merged a 19th-century building with a 1970s one to create a combined home and art gallery in Antwerp. In the dining room downstairs, Wenes entertains family, friends, and gallery visitors. The yellow chair is by Jens Fager.
Level 4 loft
Level 1-2 workspace (c)
Level 1 workspace (a)
Wright, who teaches a course in visual literacy at Taliesin, works at a #101 dining table by Skovby.
The top container contains Wardell's office—and a "napping nook" above that.
For the realty group interior space, eight people comfortably work in the 12-foot-by-14-foot room. There’s a mini slit A/C and heating system, painted sheetrock walls and bamboo floors and desk.
The Arnolds’ architecture studio—right next door to their new home—occupies a 1941 structure by Cliff May.
View looking from office space toward guest suite
View looking from office space toward guest suite
View looking from office space toward guest suite
Work Studio
The panel-based storage system creates a feeling of refined openness while adding a high-quality, finished look.<cite data-placeholder=
In his home office, Wardell runs his online art gallery Chester's Blacksmith Shop and researches his next project: opening a boutique hotel in New Zealand. His nephew peeks down from the "napping nook" secreted above the office. The desk is from Room & Board.
A small library is positioned just outside of the courtyard for easy access to lazy day outdoor summer reading and warm winter sun soaking.
A garage full of cupboards can’t contain Orpilla’s toolkit.
Inspiration crowds Alexander’s studio desk.
Verda Alexander and her son, Apolo, collaborate on a project in their first-floor studio.
They used a deep-black hue for the room’s cabinetry and built-in desk.
One of the bedrooms became Norelius’s studio, which includes lighting from Artemide above a custom desk.
Pyatt's office is the sparest room in the house, with the straw panels "left raw to give a sense of the monolithic nature of those walls," according to Pyatt.
The office, which is a single-level separate unit, boasts Ikea desks and a signed work by Gilbert and George (friends of the couple).
Stefan at work in his studio.
Basis desk and Jansen chair
Studio space looking toward stair and library
Recalling the form of an airplane engine, his cylindrical D2V2 pendant hovers above his sculptural Easy Rider, a mobile desk-seat hybrid set on castors.
Guelph Deep Energy Retrofit - Office

Whether it be a study, library, or craft room, the modern office is a tranquil place for you to flex your creativity, conduct meetings, and carry out day-to-day business. Cram the shelves with your favorite books, put the table in the middle of your room, or slurge on the perfect desk lamp—a great office should reflect your personal taste and inspire your best work.

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