10 Living Room Stools Bookcase Design Photos And Ideas

A highly efficient ductless mini-split system provides heating and cooling.
Contemporary materials like concrete and steel are a wonderful contrast to the ancient stone walls.
The living room is connected to a south-facing veranda.
Living room window connection with orchard beyond.
Toys are stashed in the play area. <span style=
In the living area, Brothers sits on an Artek stool while perusing a selection from his library.

The modern living room is one of the busiest spots in the house. It is where family and friends alike gather to share stories, watch movies, read, and unwind. As you'll find in the projects below, there are endless ways to configure a fresh living space with modern options for chairs and sofas, sectionals, end and coffee tables, bookcases, benches, and more. Innovative fireplaces add a touch of warmth.