Living Room Plywood Floors Ceiling Lighting Design Photos and Ideas

JC Architecture restored the original walls and installed a new timber floor that was inspired by Japanese tatami mats. “We were very inspired by the old Japanese way of looking at space,” says Chu. “Shoji doors, for example, allow two spaces to be easily transformed into one large space. All the doors in the home operate the same way as the Japanese system, creating flexibility in the interior.”
Fir-veneer plywood wraps the entire interior of a compact guest cabin with a 12-by-15-foot footprint, smaller than a single-car garage.
To keep costs low, architect Mark Fullagar fitted this compact cabin with hollow-insulated plywood panels that lend warmth and texture to the interior.
A recessed light extends along the length of the cabin, from the kitchen through to the living room.
Rear end of main multi-mode room set for living with custom multi-mode table