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Living room
Living room
Great Room
The coffee table, red Memorex video ball TV, and red Mercer candlestick phone are all thrift store finds. The ceiling fan from Modern Fan Company is contemporary, but matches the retro aesthetic.
Modern interior , kitchen and living room  designed  bye Nathalie milazzo.
Arqmov Workshop began their renovation by stripping the apartment down to the basics. Removing finishes revealed a polished concrete floor and waffle-slab ceiling.
All In Studio designed the custom furniture, in complementary gray, to be modular, flexible, and functional. When unfolded, the sofa doubles as a bed.
The living area at one of the apartments
Great room with vaulted ceiling and flooded with natural light from the north and south
Wide window and a long bench frame a vista to the outdoor landscape.
The newly added curvy ceiling that is arranged for the purpose of wiring utility dispersal as well as the original upper concrete floor together imply the idea of tearing a surface into multiple layers which further implicitly reveals the spatial relationship.
Opening up the glass wall of the living space turns the neighborhood into a constantly changing piece of art
Sliding glass doors open up this living area to a private courtyard off of the pedestrian walkway
A blue paint hue reflects the cool tones of the concrete floors and highlights the sloping ceiling at the open living room.
The walnut clad ceiling extends over the kitchen to the entry
The fully penetrable lobby next to the living space opens various visual dimensions  linking to different areas. In addition, the winding array of columns also lead fluid circulation with repetitive rhythm.
When entering the house, one could easily perceive its fluidity at the first glance.
Walnut plywood with integrated LED lighting clad the open living space area, extending beyond the pocketing glass walls to the exterior
The ceiling is a composite of several curved surfaces, the seams of which implicitly implying the activities underneath.
Interior design by Antonio Da Motta Leal.  Large bypass doors serve as a screen between the kitchen and great room and feature silk paintings by Chinese artist Eros Zhao.
The Serge Mouille floor lamp is paired with the Fabricius & Kastholm Grasshopper chair in the living room. The custom walnut cabinet is mounted on red cedar siding, which provides a dramatic backdrop for the Eames sofa and a Finn Juhl coffee table of solid walnut.
Floor to ceiling glass doors pivot onto the back patio.

The modern living room is one of the busiest spots in the house. It is where family and friends alike gather to share stories, watch movies, read, and unwind. As you'll find in the projects below, there are endless ways to configure a fresh living space with modern options for chairs and sofas, sectionals, end and coffee tables, bookcases, benches, and more. Innovative fireplaces add a touch of warmth.