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The budget was nearly as tight as the space in this cheerful renovation of a 516-square-foot flat in Bratislava. The centerpiece of Lukáš Kordík’s new kitchen is the cabinetry surrounding the sink, a feat he managed by altering the facing and pulls of an off-the-rack Ikea system. The laminate offers a good punch of blue, and in modernist fashion, Kordík forwent door handles in favor of cutouts. “I wanted the kitchen to be one simple block of color without any additional design,” he says.
Top to Bottom

Though Kordík knocked down a few walls to open up the space, much of 

the architectural character comes from above and below. He exposed and cleaned the concrete ceiling to give the small flat a sense of unity and then installed 

a finished oak floor as a textural counterpoint to 

the craggy vaults overhead. 

Shelf Help

The meat of the renovation focused on removing barriers, but Kordík did add a partition between the kitchen and the bathroom. The translucent glass wall does triple duty by delineating the space of the dining room, letting light into the bathroom, and backing bookshelves and culinary storage made from black film–faced plywood.

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