11 Hallway Terra Cotta Tile Floors Design Photos And Ideas

Also off the main entrance is the living room, which features an expansive bay window with views of the desert landscape and Mount Kimball in the distance.
The home’s floor plan separates the public and private spaces over multiple levels. The main entrance sits on the middle level, with the master bedroom lies a few steps up and to the right of the door.
A keyhole doorway marks the boundary between public and private sides of the house.
Every detail was considered—from the door hardware to subtle reveals around panels of solid oak.
The simple white kitchen anchors the corner, with an eat-in bar for informal meals. Skylights bring lots of natural light into the room, as well as circulation areas like the hall and entryway.
Cuffhome’s U Bench brings a textural pop to the top of the stairs.
In a hallway, the Single Triangle Console powder-coated pink, from the Cuffhome collection, makes for a striking statement piece.
Special terra cotta tiles from Miquel Soler, a traditional tile company from the small town of Felanitx in the southeast corner of Mallorca, were used for sections of the facade and pool.
Some of the original 1980s tiles and joinery were retained to give the updated house a hint of retro flavor.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.