32 Hallway Rug Floors Design Photos And Ideas

The entryway is designed for gear management with hooks and a custom-made bench with storage baskets. The floors are made of durable, hospital-grade FLEXCO radial high-profile rubber. The colorful rug from Kat + Maouche softens up the stark interior.
A full-length mirror on one side of the 10-foot-tall door brings additional light into the bathroom.
Sixteen-foot ceilings and glass doors seamlessly connect the living spaces to the outdoors.
In contrast to the natural white oak millwork found in the living areas, the owner's private closet storage is stained in a dark color.
Large glass windows bring in ample amounts of natural light.
A bedroom is located within the column in the middle of the house.
LYGA designed all the lamps in brass and iron, and had them custom made in a Sicilian factory.
A flight of stairs leads up from the main living area to the upper-level loft, which serves as an idyllic spot for reading or star-gazing through the picture windows that frame sky views.
The Gold Hive master bedroom renovation created a continuous view corridor from the living spaces to the bedroom, and out to the rear yard and patio.
A simple, neutral color scheme gives the interiors its warm, practical character.
The walls throughout The Clifton were painted in Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue, and the trim was gussied up with the complementary shade of Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball.
Here's a look at the entrance foyer that features a door leading out to the parking pad.
The ample amount of large windows draw much sunlight into the home.
Between the structural beams is a piece of ceramic, which consolidates the plane of the roof.
Upstairs main entry
The entry features a custom-made floating bench. Hooks were added for convenience, as the mudroom would be the main point of entry after a day spent on the slopes.
Rough oak cabinetry frames the corridor that leads between the open living spaces, and the private beds and baths.
A recording light lets guests know when Will is working in the recording booth.
Reading nook and skylight.
A bench in a hallway can also provide a moment of respite, encouraging new perspectives and rhythms within a residence, even if it's just a pause to look out a window or into another room.
Placing seating in a hallway or corridor might sound counterintuitive. However, adding seating— in particular a piece that takes advantage of the length and narrowness of a hallway, like a bench—is particularly well-suited because it works as a waiting nook.
Custom millwork and cabinetry can be a great way to add storage while keeping the hallway looking clean, neat, and bright. Cut-outs in the doors instead of knobs or cabinet handles ensure that hardware doesn't take up any extra space in the narrow corridor.
The backside of the fireplace in the great room.
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Photo by Julie Ansiau
The interior walls are painted Regal by Benjamin Moore.
Appleply Cabinets: Conner Millworks created the custom casework throughout the house. Although the residents initially considered solid hardwood, ApplePly composite with a walnut veneer proved to be a more sustainable alternative. The material, which is sealed with a matte-finish conversion varnish, appears in the kitchen, the bar area, and even the master and guest bathrooms.
The cypress cladding carries over from the exterior to the interior of the house.
An art gallery was designed with low windows to allow natural light to permeate while protecting the sensitive art from harmful direct sunlight. It is these careful details that, in combination with the striking lineation of the home, create a harmonious alliance of function and design.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.