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Faudet-Harrison designed these modern coat hooks for SCP.
Cedar walls and Bega wall sconces seamlessly extend from exterior to interior.
The semi-closed entryway contains a white cabinet for storing coats and scarves. The LED ceiling lights are from Contrast Lighting.
The open shelves are by Matt Eastvold, and feature a ultra clear glass back.
Ensuring that the house would be accessible for wheelchair users like Marielle Kriesel, who serves on the Santa Monica Disabilities Commission with TJ, guided the design.
Santa Monica, California
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
The Downstairs at The Bracy House
Bedroom Hall
L Shaped wallsystem
In addition to reconstructing an open living room, Loft Szczecin had to subdivide four smaller spaces to create privacy in the expansive warehouse.
The placement of the windows creates sight lines across the 4,770-square-foot structure. Northern Wide Plank sourced the reclaimed hemlock for the facade; Sherma Construction picked the specific boards to create a cohesive look.
North Hatley, Quebec
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
A box sheathed  in the same material acts as a divider and holds the bathroom.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
The apartment building dates to 1888, and the various residences feature high ceilings, mirrored doors, massive skirtings, and richly ornamented white stucco. “When it was built, there was no central heating, so each and every room had tiled, wood-burning stoves,” says resident Martin Ringqvist.
Gothenburg, Sweden
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
The dwelling’s concrete slab meets a New Zealand pine deck at the custom steel entrance door.

Tasmania, Australia
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
Subtle details elevate the design, like the placement of the baseboard flush with the drywall.

East St. Paul, Manitoba
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
A Tahsis pendant by EQ3 hangs in a triangular shaft above the basement, which is built-out to provide extra space for the single-story house.

East St. Paul, Manitoba
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
Maple columns painted Benjamin Moore Ultra White mirror the steel pillars found outside.

East St. Paul, Manitoba
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
The floorboards are reclaimed roof beams that were sawed in half and painted White Cotton, also by Dulux.

Pett Level, England
Dwell Magazine : November / December 2017
Three afternoons a week, Wenes opens the gallery and “my private space belongs to the public,” she says. On the box is a piece by Tamara Van San.
In this home in Sao
Burneo added exposed brick to his palette of interior materials.
The cypress cladding carries over from the exterior to the interior of the house.
2nd Floor Balcony
front hall and drop zone
An initial partition creates a relationship between the entrance and the living room keeping the original design of the parquet flooring with inlaid
Entry to the bedroom
Along the main hall we installed graphic wallpaper, introducing a new field of texture and tone and transforming the experience of moving between the front and back of the apartment.
Apartment entrance:
A grille of walnut slats, designed by Syme and made by the local millworkers MCM, delineates the edge of a new stair with open treads made of hot-rolled steel. Tall Bulthaup cabinets mark the edge of the dining area; Evans, a mechanical engineer, had them custom-made to conceal heating ducts that vent almost invisibly through the top edge.
A portion of Blauvelt’s 3,000-book library is archived in the long entry hall where the geometry of a Noguchi lamp plays off a pair of minimalist prints by Daniel Buren.
Cashmere flat paint by Sherwin-Williams was custom matched to the original chips provided by Breuer’s firm—dark gray for the wood doors and MB Red for accents.
Maury Island Residence
Southwest hall, from kitchen looking towards the living room
The bridge leads from the living room to the bedrooms and from the studio to the garage.
ARCHITECTUREFIRM used rough-sawn cedar paneling throughout, cladding the exterior with blackened pieces, and whitewashing the interior surfaces to form a dramatic visual contrast between inside and out. A painting by artist Tim Harriss hangs above a Crane bench by Double Butter near the entry hall.
Mahogany flooring, a continuation of the mahogany backyard deck and front porch, is enhanced with a clear finish. Vintage suitcases sit near rough sawn cedar walls, which are finished with an ebony stain.
As the sun angle changes throughout the day, the aperture of the facade tubing changes with it, sometimes projecting an array of individual spotlights around the living room and gallery.
Architect Christi Azevedo, along with homeowners Lorena Siminovich and Esteban Kerner, transformed this 1,485-square-foot, multilevel, mid-century maze into a modern and efficient family home in just three months. “It was the craziest frickin’ thing,” laughs Azevedo. “It was like a Tetris game, putting it all together, trying to squeak out space wherever we could.” Purchased as if straight out of 1955, the home is now the ideal small space for Siminovich and Kerner to raise their young daughter, Matilda.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.

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