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Wall space in a hallway can easily be activated by a series of hooks for hats, coats, or scarves. If the hallway is particularly visible, you may hang items in an artful way, so that there's a mixture of aesthetic cohesion and functionality.
You may think that a library has to be its own room, but books can be stored and read just about anywhere. Lining a hallway with books turns it into a library that you’ll walk through, and be inspired by, every day. Cabinets below provide extra storage and even a place to sit and read.
A bench in a hallway can also provide a moment of respite, encouraging new perspectives and rhythms within a residence, even if it's just a pause to look out a window or into another room.
Placing seating in a hallway or corridor might sound counterintuitive. However, adding seating— in particular a piece that takes advantage of the length and narrowness of a hallway, like a bench—is particularly well-suited because it works as a waiting nook.
Installing wood shelves in this nook in a hallway adds visual interest that breaks up the hallway's length, and provides storage for books and other vignettes.
Artwork can also bring balance to a space, acting as a counterpoint to closets and doors, and introducing color schemes that play throughout the rest of the home.
Custom millwork and cabinetry can be a great way to add storage while keeping the hallway looking clean, neat, and bright. Cut-outs in the doors instead of knobs or cabinet handles ensure that hardware doesn't take up any extra space in the narrow corridor.
All of the doors in the hallway were salvaged and found by the owners. Yun designed and inserted the glass transom windows above the doors.
In the new sitting room, the architects opted for timber-framed windows and doors. "In this space the fixed joinery elements invert the original material strategy of the house," they write.
The architects signified the extension with a waxed concrete floor. To the left of the staircase is a new bathroom and laundry. The stairs lead up to a new sitting room that connects to the new brick garden terrace.
Inside the entry, looking through the house towards the extension, Emery's original palette combined white walls with wood floors.
Elegant ceramic pendant lamps are draped on each post.
All of the rooms on the upper story have skylights.
A view of the folding doors that line the courtyard. Cinder block walls are coated in stucco made with sand from Waimanalo and mixed with concrete and water.
The entrance lobby on the first level.
The corridor on the upper level.
Entryway decor comes in the form of a wood--- by--- and a row of locally procured cacti.
The entrance to the home, a curtain blocks.....
Both the niche and the base of the kitchen island are covered in reclaimed end-grain red oak.
House Ocho
Adjacent to the elevator, the main entry to the space, sits a custom millwork piece for gathering everyday essentials.
The Cabaret Theater is open air, blending exterior and interior spaces. The low roof overhang protects interior spaces from the harsh desert sun.
Starting with the front hall, the architects opened up the enclosed stairwell and utilized a lighter palette to bounce natural light around. White walls, concrete floors, and minimal trim produce a streamlined backdrop.
The property is fitted with cutting-edge, behind-the-scene electrical system as well as geothermal heating and cooling systems technology. The basement of the main home even offers a synthetic ice floor for indoor hockey practice, which could also easily be retrofitted for additional living spaces and/or storage.
A picture window look out over the 3.6-acre property.
A look at the boulder from inside the home.
Lake Creek Residence | Olson Kundig
Back Hallway
The large windows bring in so much natural light that the home rarely needs electrical lighting throughout the daytime.
The bridge leads from the living room to the bedrooms and from the studio to the garage.
Large glass windows bring in ample amounts of natural light.
A fully glazed corridor allows the owner to enjoy the autumn foliage outdoors.
A bedroom with two beds is located in one of the buildings.
The entryway is minimal yet stylish, thanks to simple and location-specific artwork and a couple of brightly covered books.
Pale wooden floors and white walls brighten the interiors.
A hallway overlooking the atrium.
Water features, which convey the balance that the philosophy of Ying and Yang calls for, is expressed in a pond-like pool in the middle of the house.
The backside of the fireplace in the great room.
Passageways take advantage of the Southside of the house, so that living areas and bedrooms receive Northern sunlight. White walls are satin-finished or bagged brickwork.
Art work along the walls of the hallway that connect the wings.
The entry to a corridor that leads to the bedroom wing.
Wood-lined walls hold storage space and match the six-inch-wide plank oak flooring.
Free-standing walls highlight the couple's noteworthy art collection. "The owner has a phenomenal eye," says architect Martin Marciano. "She could be curating in any modern art museum."
In the back right, you'll see that one of only two rooms touch the shell of the home. Fiedler Marciano Architecture kept the ceiling open and airy, respecting the integrity of the original architecture of the loft.
The design team writes: "As a wooden grid structure the furniture pieces pull the structural grid through the surface of the GRP walls and seem to be peeling off the tube."
Passage through the home is shaped by various-sized doorways.
Informal lounge spaces along the arched corridor provide ample opportunities for interaction between travelers.
Mid-century modern furniture pieces with blue pastel upholstery and warm wood tones accent the white, bright corridors.
A grille of walnut slats, designed by Syme and made by the local millworkers MCM, delineates the edge of a new stair with open treads made of hot-rolled steel. Tall Bulthaup cabinets mark the edge of the dining area; Evans, a mechanical engineer, had them custom-made to conceal heating ducts that vent almost invisibly through the top edge.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.