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A basic material of pale timber walls, polished concrete floors, and large expanses of glass work together to create a calm, light aesthetic.
Though built on a small budget, the team has crafted the home to be ecologically sound.
After: A peek inside the beautifully restored, modernized abode.
The ceilings throughout the house are CVG Western Hemlock. The floors are walnut.
The front entry.
"Integrated solutions are designed for maximum openness in the house: The entrance hall, toilet, staircase, doors and kitchen are combined in a long wall cabinet that runs from the front to the rear," note the architects. "It narrows and widens, creating places with a variation in atmosphere and perspective."
The grand stained-glass entry opens onto a central hall that stretches throughout the original part of the home that contains the living area and music room.
The interior of the house is completely “skinned,” as Scott puts it, in knotty spruce. A lamp from Weylandts sits  atop nesting tables from  James Mudge Furniture Studio.
It is just a few steps away from the room where the iconic young actor lived.
In the living room sits a side table by Classicon. The Aubusson carpet is by Carpet Eden.
Large sliding doors that divide the bedrooms from the walkway have been built from Western Red Cedar.
Flowering vines provide seasonal nuance and will form a lush living corridor over time.
The entry lookout to the east overlooks views of the Continental Mountains.
The hallway leading to the private living space.
"I tried to decide what are the pieces that are going to give the 'wow' factor—in my case the fishbone tiling of the entire apartment and the glass-walled study room," says Efrat. "Those were the corner stones I started with, and built everything around that."
The circular layout is an early example of Wright's later style.
“When you use raw materials  you get surprises. It’s a wanted  lack of control,” says Mehdi.
Among the home’s many distinctive details are floor-to-ceiling doors, like the one to the master bedroom. The herringbone floor is waxed charred spruce.
Shou-sugi-ban sections of the facade wraps in to the interior to become accent walls.
A hallway with European Oak parquet floors.
When the house was built in 2016, the couple's children were small enough to freely explore the space beneath the bridge.
In this view seen from the entry foyer, full-height glazing lines one side of the bridge, while the clients' art collection can be found on the right.
Concealed storage along the walls of the interior corridors maximize space and help maintain a clutter-free look.
The three guest bedrooms sit over the garage/boathouse.
View inside New Stair Hall
A skylit entry hall features a concrete block "living wall," as well as new oak flooring.
Sunlight streams in through skylights and glass walls, allowing the homeowners to feel connected to the setting.
A look at the  interface between old and new through the original yellow-brick dwelling.
The generic contemporary interiors feature white walls, skirting board, wood or tile flooring, and off-the-shelf components and fittings.
Concrete and warm wood merge together to create a tranquil setting throughout the home.
French oak flooring in a natural finish has been used throughout.
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Foyer 03
The 2nd floor corridor creates a light-filled axial connection to all 4 bedrooms and their amenities.
Corridor connecting upper and lower level of the house.
Light moves along the wall as the day progresses.
Reclaimed wood barn-doors
Here is a look at the lacquered MDF and Vienna straw cabinet, which was designed by Marcante-Testa and crafted by Falegnameria Fiore.
Details of the passageway: wallpaper by Maharam, a reading area with a vintage bookcase, and a 1950s armchair from Carrozzeria 900.
The mezzanine loft looks down to the living and dining rooms.

More than a way to get from point A to point B, modern hallways are important transitional spaces that connect both rooms and people. A well-designed hallway maximizes our experience of moving between activities and stages of the day. The photos below showcase some outstanding examples with various flooring options from hardwood to concrete.