213 Exterior Wood Siding Material Cabin Building Type Design Photos And Ideas

These rustic roof beams were also recovered from the barn and support a covered patio at the rear of the Bunkie.
main elevation
exterior details: brick and wood slats
Entrance side view surrounded by landscapes and lake
Oisterwijk Brouwhuis was designed by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten and its finished structure resembles an elongated barn in the forests of Oisterwijk. The pitched roof makes way for a window wall that covers one entire end of cabin. The exterior is clad in black-stained wood, which matches the wooded forest and contrasts with the snow.
West Facade
Windows are punctuate the façades of the new cabins at unexpected but strategic locations in order to frame and maximize views.
Architect Paolo Caravello of Helsinki-based practice Void created this prism-shaped house near a lake in Sysmä, Finland, with a glass-topped pyramidal roof that transformed the top level of the house into a fully glazed observatory where its owners can look out to stunning views of the nature outdoors.
Established in Jamaica, Vermont in 1995 (hence their name) and now located in South Londonderry, Dominic Magano's Jamaica Cottage Shop offers kits crafted by Vermont artisans. The sugar shack design is inspired by the traditional New England sugar shacks used to boil maple syrup.
Lok-n-Logs can make your log cabin kit home dreams come true.
Based in New Hampshire, Shelter Kit has been designing and producing kit homes for assembly by owners with no prior building experience, for over 47 years. Their product line offers custom-designed houses, one-story cabins and barn kits and recently announced GoodFit house kits in collaboration with Ross Chapin Architects, which will include a range of six models with plans to expand.
For the Knoxville-based CEO of environmentally-focused marketing firm the Shelton Group, building an off-the-grid lakefront pavilion in Sharps Chapel, Tennessee, wasn’t so simple. With the help of architect Brandon Pace, she built a small prefabricated cabin on a “funky piece of property” on Norris Lake, a man-made reservoir.
The cantilevered sleeping loft posed a structural challenge. "The structure is simple, however we explored a number of options for supporting the cantilevered loft," Eerkes says. "But after comparing costs for large trusses versus a big glulam beam—including labor costs for construction of each—the simplicity of a two-foot glulam beam won out. The steel rod cross bracing provided lateral stability in the longitudinal direction."
A wilderness retreat for a songwriter, this compact, prefabricated wooden hut in Wienerwald, Austria was designed by architects Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach of Austrian studio raumhochrosen as a place for its owner to find creative balance and focus through a visual and geographical connection with the woods outside. It's assymetrical roof, which slopes steeply one one side gives it a distinctly modern visage.
Built entirely of wood, this cabin in the forest of Ingarö was constructed in close collaboration with local builders and local woodworking companies and was inspired by its sylvan setting.
Designed by TYIN tegnestue Architects and built by the owners themselves, this cottage celebrates traditional back-to-nature elements in traditional Norwegian culture. Situated amidst marshland, sea-adjacent rock and scattered pine-and juniper-vegetation, careful consideration was made to protect the sensitive surrounding terrain. Only 328 feet from the sea, some marsh had to be cleared in preparing for the construction, exposing bedrock and integrating the cottage within the landscape.
A light-weight building in glass and wood, this summerhouse in the Stockholm archipelago has been inspired by its location with its dark wood exterior and abundance of windows to take in the stunning view.  <span style=
Through the decor and amenities, El Capitan campground resort provides a measure of comfort and pampering—from healthy Saturday night dinners to a variety of wellness treatments. Smell the wild sage in the early spring blossoming. Observe the monarch butterflies mud-puddling in the fall. Listen to the frogs all year round. There is something for each season. Feel the ocean breeze, see and hear the rhythmic waves. This is a personal encounter with nature at El Capitan Canyon resort.

Zoom out for a look at the modern exterior. From your dream house, to cozy cabins, to loft-like apartments, to repurposed shipping containers, these stellar projects promise something for everyone. Explore a variety of building types with metal roofs, wood siding, gables, and everything in between.

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