55 Exterior Stucco Siding Material Gable Roofline Design Photos And Ideas

The house is hidden from the road and sits on a hilltop clearing that overlooks the rolling farmland of the Mississippi River bluffs in Western Wisconsin. From this vantage point, there is a 270-degree view, with dramatic sunsets over the distant hills.
The home is a study in how to receive light throughout the day—from sunrise to sunset. The master bedroom’s windows frame the sunrise and welcome in morning light.
The living room leads to a terrace with a grill that allows the clients to cook and entertain outside while enjoying the picturesque site.
The sections of flat roof were economical to build, which allowed the use of high-quality wood shingles on the pitched roofs. Stone piers support the south-side trellis, emphasizing the home’s rustic inspiration.
The home consists of three cottage-inspired forms that are connected by a more contemporary, flat-roofed central structure. “One of the main challenges was how to bring the competing aesthetics the clients desired—they sought a simple, historical vernacular architecture with a more contemporary aesthetic,” says architect Matthew Erickson.
An outdoor shower on the rear gable of the house is used for rinsing off from the pool or after an outdoor excursion—or for a quick wash down for their two rescue dogs.
Determining the structural integrity of the original brick dairy was paramount to the design of the new addition perched above. The existing brick walls, footings, and roof structure were all assessed, and steel features prominently in the extension to ensure stability.
The stucco-clad tiny home is punctuated by archways, including the arched entrance, and two courtyards—one of which peeks out from beneath the cantilevered front facade.
Outdoor string lights help to bathe the adjacent courtyard in a soft glow.
Sundius and Ichiki sided the home with sand-colored stucco that ties to the other stucco-clad homes in the neighborhood.
The front, street-side view of the home reveals little about its true design.
Lago Vista by Dick Clark + Associates
Lago Vista by Dick Clark + Associates
Lago Vista by Dick Clark + Associates
The addition sits over the existing weatherboard cottage. One of the biggest challenges was getting the new roofline to run parallel with the old, as the home had shifted and settled over time.
1956 William Krisel FAIA for Alexander Construction Company
The family were drawn to the Spanish Colonial–style home’s charming exterior—which was not changed in the renovation.
The town of Vail has enlisted 359 Design's help to produce 32 affordable housing units in the Chamonix Vail project. The modular homes come in five different types and are fabricated in Idaho before being shipped to the site.
The gabled entry features a patterned, wood rainscreen that evokes the forked ribs of the Saguaro cactus while the recessed entry is akin to a Saguaro boot, the holes in the giant cacti that many desert animals use as their homes.
The recessed entry features a disguised door for guests
A disguised door for guests
The house draws its name, “Pleats,” from the corrugated metal that wraps the gabled volume, reminiscent of the pleated exterior of the Saguaro cactus.
The exterior of the historic residence at 3132 Oakcrest Drive is simple and clean. A sloping roofline follows the topography of the 8,000-square-foot lot.
The gabled roof form, wrapped in metal panels and perforated metal screens, appears to hover above a simple extension of the original house.
The two structures are connected by green space.
"By reversing the shape of the land and the house, we wanted to think about the relationship between house and nature and notion of form," said the firm.
The home's lower level is submerged in the hillside. The three bedrooms on the upper level have access to the roof terrace.
The 2,026-square-foot house is split into two structures, with an underground garage separating the two halves.
"When we started out, Casey wasn’t married and wasn’t dating anyone," says architect Arthur Furman. "So the original project brief was less about bedrooms and bathrooms, and more about the character of the home. Specifically, the shape. Casey had an image in his mind of a house he had photographed early in his career in a wooded area of Maine. The house was a basic shape—as one would draw as a child—just a box with a gabled roof." The home's simple gabled shape is emphasized by the use of burnished stucco on all sides.
The backyard boasts a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna with a cold plunge. The estate also includes walking paths and meticulously landscaped gardens.
The pergola-covered terrace opens to an expansive grassy lawn.
The entryway to Jim Belushi's Brentwood residence.
Maude Street House by Murray Legge
The couple introduced new landscaping and privacy walls, one of which screens off a new pool in the front yard. The exterior received a fresh coat of white stucco, architectural embellishment around the bell, and black paint on shutters and original metal windows.
The exterior facade of this San Francisco home displays the colors and lines typical of Piet Mondrian’s paintings.
The back of the home.
Nichinichi Townhouse in Kyoto, Japan
Automated curtains run the length of two sides of the master bedroom, top left.
australian victorian renovation, exterior
Located in Sierra Madre, California, an existing ranch home with clean architectural geometry, was transformed into a contemporary home with an expanded open floor plan, improved circulation and access, and carefully placed clerestory windows. On the exterior, revised garage orientation eliminates excessive driveway paving and reestablishes the front yard as usable space.
Wood paneling provides a pop of contrast on the front side of the home. The two-car garage is to the left.
A peek at the surrounding lush landscape.
Materials used for the exterior include stucco, wood, metal, and concrete.
A view of the home from the east side.
A collage of brightly colored, geometric volumes comprise the Ettore Sottsass–designed residence of Lesley Bailey and Adrian Olabuenaga, proprietors of jewelry and accessories company ACME Studio. Completed in 1997, this home is one of few private commissions designed by the Italian architect, who passed away in 2007.
Here is 6225 Quebec Drive at dusk.
This part of the white stucco house has been rebuilt in the style of the original estate cottage.
The house has a standing-seam metal roof and  is finished with black-tinted stucco and a standing-seam metal roof.
A private gate fronts the entrance to Red Oak Manor.
The house clearly displays its Sea Ranch–style touches.
The red chimney and strategic diagonals throw accents against the simple silhouette.
Stringent building regulations didn’t cramp the designers’ style. Sharp angles, tall windows, and varied material textures left room to make a striking architectural statement.

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