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The original character and detailing of the homes remain intact. Graceful, ornament detailing of Her House contrasts to the geometric form of His House.
The geometrically disciplined facade is composed of blonde cypress, white stucco, and cedar that was charred black by Delta Millworks.
Front view, dusk
Front close up, dusk
Gropius’ Bauhaus building in Dessau is a mecca for design lovers.
The Bauhaus bus will travel the world, visiting four cities in celebration of the school's centenary year.
Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel designed the 161-square-foot bus version of the iconic workshop wing of the Bauhaus school building in Dessau.
Designed by Bauhaus founding director Walter Gropius, the school embodies the movement's core principles and values.
Previously, the home had been "a dim, dark, clunky disaster that had been built apparently in direct opposition to light patterns and to views of the lake," says Buhler. Now, the renovated home takes proper advantage of its lakeside setting.
Nicknamed the "lake of a thousand colors" for its brilliant coloration, Kalamalka Lake was a driving inspiration behind the home’s redesign. In a playful nod to the lengthy renovation process, the remodeled house, which now embraces views of the lake, has also been dubbed the "house of a thousand alterations."
The residence appears to be in original condition.
According to the Los Angeles Conservancy, the house “encouraged a lively social life, with the living room serving as a focal point.”
The elegant midcentury home bears Neutra's signature style.
Richard Neutra's Iconic Chuey House
Perforated Equitone shading boards on the home's street-facing facade provide visual interest and encourage privacy.
Core Architects endeavored to make the house blend into the slope, with comfortable access to the garden.
Northeast Façade
Northeast Façade
Southeast Façade
Northeast Façade
Southeast Façade
Northeast Façade, Context
Southeast Façade
Northeast Façade
Northeast Façade, Context
Southwest Façade
Northeast Façade, Context
Southwest Façade, Entrance
Southwest Façade
The multiple planes of the facade create a complex form, allowing part of the second floor to hide behind the white plaster cement mass at the front of the home.
The 2,000-square-foot home now has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest house with a bedroom and bathroom.
australian victorian renovation, exterior
front elevation - towards south
front elevation towards south....
north elevation - a fortress into landscape -
west elevation
A curved window gives a glimpse into the Ex of In House's interior.
The Ex of In House is surrounded by 28 acres of forest.
The south elevation features a prominent window that’s large enough to heat the living space with sunlight in the winter. During the summer months a shade is deployed to keep the interior cool.
The Ex of In House by Steven Holl Architects
"Clad in economical fiber-cement siding, the ADU reaches down to the ground, while the stucco cladding of the garage reaches up, forming a semi-enclosed entry sequence," says Martin.
Access to the site is provided by shared private road down to a small clearing between the protected trees and habitat.
Massive, timber-framed sliding doors connect the master bedroom with the outdoors.
On the third story, a master suite and roof deck with city views were designed along with two bedrooms and a new bath.
Near the main house, James Turrell’s pyramidal Skyspace structure invites visitors into its dark recess for a chance to view the heavens through a perspective-altering cutout. Most of Murren’s museum-quality art collection is inside the house, including a Robert Rauschenberg piece, a set of Andy Warhol prints, and a hologram by Turrell. Image courtesy of Jill Paider.
Lanefab Design/Build demolished the existing carport and replaced it with a new addition that included the new entry, dining room, family room, mud room, and garage.
A look at the multi-level home in the Hollywood Hills.
The hillside house appears to be single-story in the front, but it actually comprises multiple levels. The garage door, gates, and mailbox are made from stained cedar that ties in with the siding on the back of the house.
A street view of City House reveals its cheerful, teal accents.
Located in Sierra Madre, California, an existing ranch home with clean architectural geometry, was transformed into a contemporary home with an expanded open floor plan, improved circulation and access, and carefully placed clerestory windows. On the exterior, revised garage orientation eliminates excessive driveway paving and reestablishes the front yard as usable space.
Wood paneling provides a pop of contrast on the front side of the home. The two-car garage is to the left.

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