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Years of regrettable remodels had obscured the Guthrie House’s origins, but Marina and Avalon Rossi uncovered its roots and decided to restore the architect’s vision. After years of research, the Avi Ross Group initiated a 2019 renovation that would bring the house back to Frey’s original design intent and also instill standards of modern living. "We wanted it to look like a house dropped in the middle of the desert, which it was originally," says Avalon Rossi.
The family were drawn to the Spanish Colonial–style home’s charming exterior—which was not changed in the renovation.
With both an aging relative and a wheelchair user in mind, architect Neal Schwartz creates a family guesthouse designed to be accessible to all. Resident Elizabeth Twaddell enjoys the weather with her daughter Uma outside the guesthouse Schwartz designed for her mother-in-law, Surendra, who frequently visits for extended stays. A concrete driveway forks off from the main house to lead to a covered breezeway, sited between the new 775-square-foot structure and a two-car garage.
Clustered around a sunny courtyard, Three Piece House’s three volumes—a main house, comprising two volumes (one for living and the other for sleeping) connected via a sun-soaked reading corridor, and a free-standing guest studio—are oriented for optimal passive solar conditions, including access to cooling ocean breezes. Recycled brick paving ties the volumes together. Located in the garden, the studio accommodates visiting friends, family, and guests.
In Austin, Texas, this 1,100-square-foot accessory dwelling unit, called The Chelsea, splits a lot with the main house. The ADU responds to the lot by dodging the heritage trees to the north while creating a very spacious front yard. There is a garage that blocks a dogtrot and the living area of the house from the setting sun; the larger windows are concentrated on the northern side of the lot for plenty of natural lighting while reducing the heat gain in the summer and encouraging passive cross-ventilation.
Built in 1926, the Calori House rests on a rare flat shelf above the canyon floor in Glendale, California. After severe neglect, the historic residence was completely restored in 2016.
The original, irregularly placed openings remain.
Add/Subtract House by Matt Fajkus Architecture | Photo by Charles Davis Smith
Add/Subtract House by Matt Fajkus Architecture | Photo by Charles Davis Smith
Add/Subtract House by Matt Fajkus Architecture | Photo by Charles Davis Smith
Add/Subtract House by Matt Fajkus Architecture | Photo by Charles Davis Smith
The second floor houses a 900-square-foot apartment that can be kept separate from the main floor residence for rental purposes or can be connected via a door. "In what had been an attic for storing fan belts and auto supplies, we created a large open apartment with full bath and kitchen," says McCuen.
The town of Vail has enlisted 359 Design's help to produce 32 affordable housing units in the Chamonix Vail project. The modular homes come in five different types and are fabricated in Idaho before being shipped to the site.
“Everything was in fairly bad repair,” says Jessy Moss, recalling her first impression of seeing the 1961 post-and-beam home on Zillow. But one feature that caught her eye—and hinted to her that the house might be worth a visit—was the cluster of circular pavers that enlivened the driveway. Later, after she and her husband, Steve Jocz, bought the home, they had new concrete pavers laid in a similar pattern.
Wide glass apertures connect the living and dining room to the new backyard.
The Shumakers removed a door and replaced the windows with a large Nana window, which functions well for parties, as well as daily life.
Architect David Montalba renovated a 1970s bungalow for Janette Sosothikul in Oxnard, California, a beach town midway between Malibu and Santa Barbara.
A front view of the renovated home. The wood slats screening the bedrooms on the street-facing side are repeated indoors on the interior staircase.
“It’s a great little place—a throwback to the old days of California coastal communities,” says Montalba.
Sheltered beneath an overhang with skylights,
P&O style was a form of German modernism in the 1930s, and its influence can still be seen today, such as with this recent design of the Plaster Fun House by Sans-Arc Studio in South Australia.
The gabled entry features a patterned, wood rainscreen that evokes the forked ribs of the Saguaro cactus while the recessed entry is akin to a Saguaro boot, the holes in the giant cacti that many desert animals use as their homes.
The recessed entry features a disguised door for guests
A disguised door for guests
The house draws its name, “Pleats,” from the corrugated metal that wraps the gabled volume, reminiscent of the pleated exterior of the Saguaro cactus.
A lush oasis exists outside the residence, enclosed by thick bamboo plantings and shaded underneath the home's many overhangs.
A previous homeowner recreated the open patio and breezeway according to Schindler's original plans. A koi pond with waterfall create an atmosphere of Zen.
Law Estates Wines spans 55 acres with full panoramic views of the Paso Robles countryside. The building reflects that of their varietals—showcasing natural characteristics in minimalist style. The design is a direct response to the natural materials of the site, its hillside topography, and climatic influences of the sun and wind.
The extensive landscaping continues around the entire property, providing privacy among the city's busy streets while also drowning out ambient noise.
The original golden stucco was restored by a previous homeowner. Schindler's "plaster skin" facade and experimentation with differing rooflines are distinct features of the design.
The exterior of the historic residence at 3132 Oakcrest Drive is simple and clean. A sloping roofline follows the topography of the 8,000-square-foot lot.
The guesthouse, located uphill from the main residence, consists of a bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room.
The gated home is a quiet and private sanctuary, yet it's only a 15-minute drive from downtown Santa Barbara.
Set into the Santa Barbara foothills, the house offers uninterrupted views in all directions.
Mesa Contemporary is highlighted by several interesting details, including large second-story cantilevers, exterior elevations built entirely of glass, and a view of Santa Barbara from every room. A clearstory window system gives the appearance of a roof that floats on top of the elegant structure below.
“Most homeowners would tear the whole thing down and start fresh,” says Brillhart. “But it made for a much more interesting project, preserving a little bit of Russell’s legacy and then adding two new wings on each side of the building.” An Ipe fence now lines the front of the property, and the two-story wing can be just glimpsed through the trees on the left.
The gabled roof form, wrapped in metal panels and perforated metal screens, appears to hover above a simple extension of the original house.
The couple stripped the original home's rusty red cladding and replaced it with cement board with a painted stucco finish. All doors were custom made by Mike and Lauren out of laurel, an affordable and beautiful tropical wood native to the mountains of Costa Rica.
After: The couple renovated Casa Terrosa for just $46,280, including labor, in a span of seven months.
Once an abandoned 1957 cabin, the Harvest Moon Hideaway has been thoughtfully converted into a striking two-bedroom abode, now well equipped to fit the needs of modern-day living.
A larger Lindsey Adelman chandelier hangs in the foyer, located off the double-height entryway.
Exterior Front
Exterior Front
The two structures are connected by green space.
In accordance with the brief, the firm left the landscape largely in its natural state.
Luigi Rosselli Architects used sliding perforated plywood shutters on the addition at the back of the house to create a contemporary look while also letting in light.
The geometric wall on one side acts as a screen to protect the structure from winds and noise. It also provides privacy for the living areas oriented towards the back of the house.
The Monte House spans just two floors and 452 square feet. The firm employed folding doors with operable louvers of regional cedar wood (seen here in the upper window) to allow the occupants to control their level of contact between the interior and the exterior.
Along with a pool, spa, and outdoor fire pit, the backyard also frames gorgeous mountain views.
"By reversing the shape of the land and the house, we wanted to think about the relationship between house and nature and notion of form," said the firm.
The home's lower level is submerged in the hillside. The three bedrooms on the upper level have access to the roof terrace.
The 2,026-square-foot house is split into two structures, with an underground garage separating the two halves.
The homeowner of Via Media Residence needed a workspace that would stand separate from domestic life. Matt Fajkus Architecture added a freestanding structure that acts as both a studio and a pool house—and is strategically positioned to frame views of the pool, the hills, and the cactus-filled slope in the back.
A lap pool and gym were installed so that the original owner could have a place to exercise—and entertain.
Wild Lilac is set on the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, far removed from the glitz of Los Angeles. LaHabra Santa Barbara Mission Finish stucco was used for the exterior to protect the home from strong sun.
Northeast FaçadeIn a naturally fragmented and disconnected context, the Gafarim House offers monolithic, opaque volumes to the street, citing the compact, parallelepipedic masses of northern Portuguese popular architecture and adjusting its scale to the surroundings.

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