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During the renovation, Chu extended the bathroom next to the master bedroom outwards to create a bath and shower room that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. He also added a skylight made from a repurposed car sunroof, which was purchased secondhand for $100 and could be operated by remote control to easily let the elements in. “There were many challenges in what we wanted to do,” says Chu. “Then, we searched for materials and ways of doing that—or we let the site inspire us.”
The sliding front door is made of glass panels, and its bright red color was inspired by the red doors (symbolic of fortune and prosperity) found in traditional villages in Taiwan. “We wanted the front door to be transparent so that light filters into the interior even when the door is closed,” says Chu. “It was very important to have a constant relationship between inside and outside.”
Olympia Prairie Home exterior
Olympia Prairie Home exterior
Olympia Prairie Home exterior
Olympia Prairie Home entryway
Olympia Prairie Home exterior
Olympia Prairie Home entryway
Landscape designer Kenneth Philip worked with mwworks to fill in the forested setting.
The home features a flat roofline, and it’s composed of stained red cedar, concrete, and basalt—materials that weather well and blend seamlessly with the land.
A post and beam entry plus a delicate brise soleil make up the entrance to 572 W Santa Elena Road.
The dramatic home features a striking black and white facade.
The Island House is largely closed to the street and open to the lake beyond.
A weathered metal sculpture at the front door echoes the larger piece in the home’s central yard.
At 16,700 square feet, the home is a lot to behold—but the streamlined palette makes it easier to take it all in.
The home is primarily composed of three materials: concrete, stone, and wood.
The one-story homes blend seamlessly into the background due to a palette of basalt, cement, and imported African wood.
Bark gives the exterior walls a  textured appearance and allows them to blend into the forested surroundings.
The 15-foot windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and blue ocean waters.
The 12 homes are for-sale and rented throughout the year to tourists. When POLO Architects first become involved with the project, they wanted to make sure that the designs would be "as viable and sustainable as possible," POLO Architects Co-founder Patrick Lootens says.
Fifty miles north of New York City, a private island with a controversial home and guesthouse built from Frank Lloyd Wright’s drawings seeks a new buyer.
The boxes are stacked at angles to frame distinct views.
"You have so many visual connections to the different spaces of the house, so many perspectives to the landscape," say the architects.
Access to the four-story home is via a gently meandering path or an elevator from the lower level to the main entrance. "One of the main challenges was the slope of the plot," says the firm. "The complexity of the geometry forced a very detailed topographic [survey]."
Taula House by M Gooden Design  |  Entry
Taula House by M Gooden Design  |  Exterior // Approach
A service yard is discreetly concealed behind a concrete screen. What appears as a series of concrete blocks opens up and becomes completely transparent on the hillside. It's all about embracing the views, the setting, and the climate.
The architects took advantage of the uneven site and nestled the home into the landscape, providing opportunity for a series of stacked volumes with different uses.
A contemporary apartment tower rises behind the restored townhouse at 55 Monterrey Avenue in Mexico City's Colonia Roma neighborhood.
The home's sloping roofline sweeps upward from an enclosed courtyard. The character of the house changes as light hits the mix of materials—from rough stone to sleek black aluminum—throughout the day, giving it a sense of constant motion.
Built partly over a waterfall in southwestern Pennsylvania, Fallingwater (constructed 1936-1939) is considered one of Wright’s greatest masterpieces. The building is a National Historic Landmark and has welcomed over five million visitors since the site was opened to the public in 1964.
Taliesin—a Welsh name that means “shining brow”—is Wright’s home, studio, school, and 800-acre agricultural estate located in Spring Green, Wisconsin on land that originally belonged to his maternal family. In addition to the residence, there are four more Wright-designed buildings on the estate.
"While it looks imposing from afar," say the owners, "once inside, it’s tranquil and spiritual, a complete separation from the noise and bustle of 21st-century L.A."
Like the everyday rhythm of the tides, the home's architecture ultimately reflects the idea of movement.
Some of the stone on the facade was broken by hand for textural contrast and utility. "Rough cuts perpendicular to the building face cause incident shadows, hence cooling the face and creating an ever-changing rhythm of shadows and light," describe the architects.
"In Ahmedabad, we find the light very sharp and harsh at times," says SPASM Design. Strategic shading is ensured with the slatted roof treatment.
The roof of Tidal Arc House brings desirable morning sunrises into the home while shading it from the rest of the day's hot sun.
The home's distinct silhouette meets local building regulations while delivering on the client's desire for high ceilings in the upstairs bedroom.
Mechanical equipment and vents are hidden in between the two peaks of the irregular sawtooth roof.
The front facade of the Sierra House mixes concrete, stone, expanded metal mesh, and wood battens.
Transparent sections of the home's facade allow daylight to filter inside.
A large deck positioned under the roofline of the communal building allows occupants to feel as though they’re floating over the land and also creates a perch to appreciate views to the river.
The view of the home from the driveway shows their staggered positions nestled into a slight slope. The materiality of the two volumes were an important element. The “private” structure on the right hosts the bedrooms and was constructed in stones pulled from the site, “adding a beautiful layer of the red colors from the region to the project.” The “social” structure on the left houses the communal living areas.
A peek of the Axiom Desert House from the exterior, with the beautiful San Jacinto mountain range in the distance.
With four levels and five private terraces, the penthouse cantilevers over Beekman Place in Manhattan.
The five floors beneath the penthouse comprise three private residences, each of which retains the hallmarks of Rudolph's signature style.
A long bluestone roof deck overlooks the pool and the expansive lawn.
The midcentury modern home is located on 1.7 acres of land and features bluestone terraces, fieldstone walls, and elevated views of the countryside.
An bird's-eye view of the Massaro House.
The house also comes with a dock.
Wright's sketches called for an external stair off of the cantilevered section. Massaro nixed the stairs due to modern building codes.
The home lights up from within at night.
The stone curtains give the facade a special inner glow.
The large openings facing south and west are shielded from the sun by curtains of stones that create a special effect as the sun sets.
The new guest house stands on the footprint of the original building.
Light shines through the home's stone curtains at night.
Commissioned as part of the popular Chinese reality television show Beautiful House, Beijing–based studio Evolution Design Architects was given a budget of 600,000 RMB (approximately $87,965 USD) for construction and interior design, as well as just two months to complete the transformation.
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE

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