Exterior Dome Roofline Design Photos and Ideas

Sited in a small forest clearing near the Kattegat seashore in Denmark, Vibo Tværveh is a contemporary take on traditional Danish cabin and barn architecture. The tube-shaped structure is cladded in pine and topped with rolled steel plates.
Designed by ZJJZ Atelier, the shingle-clad pods—known as The Seeds—provide an off-grid retreat in a lush area in Jiangxi, China.
"Like the roots of a plant, the reflective cladding anchors each cabin to the earth, while the pine shingles allow the structures to blend into the surrounding nature," explains ZJJZ Atelier.
The Dome House is the perfect place to achieve that socially distanced vacation. The circular structure sits isolated amongst the surrounding mountains and windmills. Throughout the home, large-scale windows boast uninterrupted, 360-degree views of the environment. If desired, in-home massages can be booked, or you can find further relaxation in the outdoor jacuzzi.
SPACE is the second, smaller offering from Bratislava-based Ecocapsule.
Designed and built by Oakland–based O2 Treehouse, the Pinecone is a five-and-a-half-ton geodesic home that can be installed in the forest or in your own backyard. The treehouse, accessed via a wood ladder and a trap door, is constructed from steel, wood, and glass that integrates into the forest canopy. Inside, 64 diamond-shaped windows provide 360-degree views of the surrounding forest or landscape. Even the floors are composed of transparent panels—enhancing the sensation of floating above the earth.
AI SpaceFactory entered and won NASA’s competition to design a home for Mars—and now their otherworldly creation is a reality here on earth. Named TERA, the eco-retreat is 3D-printed out of the same biopolymer basalt composite used to create the competition-winning prototype.The plant-based, NASA-tested material has three times the strength of concrete, and can be recycled or resorbed back into the earth at the end of the structure's lifecycle. The install process treads lightly on the surrounding ecosystem—for example, a laser scan of the build site will eliminate the need to level the forest floor.
As backers continue to donate to the project's Indiegogo campaign, additional amenities will be added to the grounds. For the time being, the home will rely on power from the grid.
A stay at TERA plugs visitors into the Hudson River's gorgeous setting. The home's design blends into the region’s landscape.
TERA will be made of a plant-based composite that is recyclable and biodegradable. The structure being built next to the Hudson River is a rehash of the MARSHA Mars prototype.
Kanye West's domed prefab designs are influenced by Star Wars filming locations in southern Tunisia.
George Lucas filmed part of Star Wars in Tunisia.
"You really get the sense that you are just floating up there in a different world," remarks Chudleigh.
Kitty Mrache stands in front of the Mushroom Dome Cabin, which continues to hold the title as Airbnb's most popular rental, as confirmed in Airbnb's press release celebrating the company's milestone for half a billion guest arrivals.
Utility equipment and storage is hidden in the hexagonal "systems ring" below the living space modules.
The Gouter Refuge is located at 12,582 feet in elevation (about 3,280 feet below the summit of Mont Blanc) along the Gouter route. The four-story, rounded structure juts out over a 4,921-foot drop, and it's the last stop before the final climb to the summit of Mont Blanc. Commissioned by the French Alpine Club and designed by Swiss architect Hervé Dessimoz, the wooden structure is clad in stainless steel and took five years to design and three years to build.
Inspired by the principle of Biomimicry, Free Spirit Spheres’ goal is to “create new ways of living that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul.” Based outside of Vancouver, the company specializes in tiny spherical tree houses that are works of art. You can even book an escape to spend the night in one at their forest hotels!
The three domes that currently make up Dômes Charlevoix are nestled within a sea of trees.
A photovoltaic panel is installed above the outdoor deck.
Thoughtful furnishings provide luxury in the middle of nature.
Smaller bubbles come with a round bed that sleeps two, while the larger units have a double bed. Guests share a wood-clad outbuilding that holds the restroom, showers, and kitchen. Adventurers can also book the Golden Circle Tour through Buubble, exploring Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir hot springs, Gullfoss waterfall, and the Secret Lagoon before spending a night at the hotel.
Whitepod lets you live a unique experience in a preserved nature at the heart of the Swiss Alps.
The geodesic domes look like igloos in the snowy Alpine landscape.
Upon check-in, guests receive their very own backpack with a map, headlamp, and walking sticks to ensure a full Alpine experience. The pods are located an easy 15-minute hike from reception—so, packing your hiking boots is essential. 

In addition to hiking, Whitepod also offers dog sledding, paragliding, and and private ski slopes for Whitepod guests only. After skiing, guests can enjoy Whitepod's sauna, indulge in spa services, or dine at their in-house restaurant called Les Cerniers, which serves a selection of seasonal traditional mountain dishes.
The color of the pods is adapted to each season: white in winter, green in summer.
Modern yurts haven’t abandoned this consideration of the spiritual—just ask Adrian Larralde, an entrepreneur who designed and built a mountaintop yurt just outside Santa Barbara, California. Now available to rent through Glamping Hub, the yurt began as a personal project. Entranced by yurts and the serene experience of being in them, Larralde enlisted his father, a general contractor, to help build one on the family’s site on Refugio Mountain, overlooking the Channel Islands. The area, Larralde says, boasts a rich history.
The property features not only the geodesic dome home, but also a large yard and two additional structures.
The Loaf Shelter made of 850 loaves of bread
Playa Moon Dome of Camp Do More Now
Metal Pods  by Scott Parenteau
Pink Heart Camp
Aluminet fabric over PVC pipes
Zonotopia and the Two Trees by Rob Bell
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