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Upon receiving this 98-square-foot Caravel from Ohio, the couple demolished the interior in a few days. "We had two good friends visiting, and the four of us picked up the entire shell and moved it off the frame," says Oliver. "It was such a rush and so empowering to do that as a team of women." The silver shell had to be removed to execute a full chassis repair and replacement by a certified welder.
On the interior, Oceanair blinds are used as window coverings.
With the exterior in good condition, the aluminum hull didn’t need much work other than prepping for its new coat of Sprinter Blue Grey.
“Cath and I’ve worked on a bunch of renovation projects,” Ryan says. “We have fun and enjoy working together—it’s our shared hobby.”
Oasis Tiny House, clad in teal-painted plywood and a metal roof that's pitched in the front and curved in the rear, was designed and built by Ellie and Dan Madsen of Paradise Tiny Homes in Keaau, Hawaii.
The design team made extensive use of Australian hardwood—both internally and externally— to reference the rural setting.
The home is called The Barn, as it was inspired by the American barns that the couple admired on travels throughout the United States.
The trailer’s original exterior boasts the hard-earned patina of decades spent on the road.
The Airstream Haus, parked in Ojai, California. August says that when your dwelling is small, it’s important to make the most of outdoor space.
Musician and interior designer August Hausman lives in a restored 1968 Airstream Land Yacht that once belonged to his father.
The bathroom is just to the right upon entry to the trailer. The floors are engineered hardwood in red oak by Mercier throughout, and the beechwood wall rack is a functional drop zone for bags, coats, and keys.
Oliver started by relocating the bed’s placement. "When you arrive at a campsite, you generally back the rear of your trailer into the site…so I knew I wanted to move the bed to the rear of the camper," says Oliver. "This would allow a person to lie in bed and watch the sun come up over someplace beautiful."
The 200 square foot house takes advantage of a tiny strip of greenery outside the front entry to the home. The sliding glass window allows for interactions with their neighbors and those passing by on the street. The entry to the home is actually off to the side.
After living ten years in another house he designed in Yokahama, Hosaka and his wife decided to move to Tokyo for an easier commute.
The cabin's curved zinc shell exudes a rugged, industrial look.
Taking your holiday adventure from land to sea is now easier than ever thanks to the Sealander, a tiny amphibious camper that starts right under $20,000.
The addition was created with custom concrete that matches the surrounding buildings, as well as the tones of the London stock brick.
Architect Mark Fullgar chose corrugated steel, aluminum window frames, and strengthened glass—cost-effective, non-combustible materials, given the cabin’s location in a rural fire zone.
A north-facing veranda includes an outdoor seating area adjacent to a stone fire pit.
Fabshack is designed to be adaptive to many different site configurations. In this instance, it nestles into a rock outcropping on the architect’s property northwest of Sydney.
The couple repainted the exterior with an oil-based paint in a custom-mixed, sea-foam green hue. Fun add-ons include a roof deck for storing paddleboards and stargazing. They can attach hammock posts to the deck to suspend hammocks up high as well.
Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona
The exterior shape, which echoes that of a covered wagon, is a riff on a whimsical design that the Parhams have previously created for clients. It also employs some tricks that maximize the home's tiny footprint.
Peanut is a 31-foot-long 1976 Airstream Land Yacht. Sitka Concept successfully restored the exterior to a mirror-like shine.
Italian prefab company LEAPfactory built this alpine shelter off-site and had it flown in via helicopter. Cantilevered off the edge of a mountain, the structure features a living room, a dine-in kitchen, bunk beds, storage closets, and an integrated computer to keep mountaineers and climbers up-to-date on the weather conditions.
Skylodge Adventure Suites are luxury dwellings affixed to the mountainside in Peru's Sacred Valley, approximately nine miles north of Cusco. Visitors interested in staying at Skylodge must climb a quarter of a mile of protected trails and fly through the sky on zip lines.
The Gouter Refuge is located at 12,582 feet in elevation (about 3,280 feet below the summit of Mont Blanc) along the Gouter route. The four-story, rounded structure juts out over a 4,921-foot drop, and it's the last stop before the final climb to the summit of Mont Blanc. Commissioned by the French Alpine Club and designed by Swiss architect Hervé Dessimoz, the wooden structure is clad in stainless steel and took five years to design and three years to build.
Foraging for mangoes, dipping into the pool, gazing out at a misty volcano—if any of this sounds like your idea of paradise, then a trip to Isleta El Espino on Lake Nicaragua is most definitely in order. Co-owned by brother and sister duo Andrew and Kristin Werner, this three-room property embodies idyllic luxury in an eco-conscious setting, offering the serenest of island experiences. El Espino is an intimate place to stay, home to just two thatched-roof treehouses and one bungalow. By the time you leave, everyone there will know you by name.
The Kugelschiff is a live/work Airstream trailer that can travel the landscape.
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
The exterior of the Cashio's Airstream Sovereign.
Three friends transform a desert site into a charming Airstream retreat.
Staying true to Airstream founder Wally Byam Credo’s mission “to provide a more satisfying, meaningful way of travel that offers complete travel independence, wherever and whenever you choose to go,” Airstream recently released the new Basecamp—the lightest trailer in the Airstream fleet.
Designer and writer Lynne Knowlton revamped her 1976 Airstream with a playful edge.
The Lotus House beautifully blends into the hillside when seen from above at night. The sculptural, organic forms seem to unfold—giving the home its name.
The sculptural roof appears to float above the glass-walled living space on the ground floor.
Exterior with porch folded in
A ribbed copper roof curls over the top of the 5,000-square-foot residence, which previously belonged to a scion of the Austrian furniture company Wittmann.
The master bedroom is enclosed on three sides, emphasizing the view outward, while the low-slung roof and deep eaves create a sense of horizontality. The bed, nightstands, and light shelf are made from white oak to match the floors; all were designed by the architects.
View from outdoor garden to addition interior
The two buildings are entirely made of renewable resources, which is best exemplified by its 30-inch-thick walls made of rammed earth. The first building serves as DiDomenico's residence, while the second is a 7,000-square-foot open space for her to create her artwork.
Large acrylic windows provide expansive views of the outdoors.
The stainless steel ladder doubles as a helpful staircase for entering the chassis on land, as well as a railing in water.
The property is outfitted with solar-powered lights that automatically turn on at night.
Unsurprisingly, yoga retreats are popular at Joshua Tree Acres.
Pictured from left to right: Andrew Uhlhorn, Justine Bennett, and Joseph August.
The Globetrotter's aluminum shell catches the evening light. Power stabilizer jacks, an optional power awning, and a window awning package with Sunbrella fabrics help make it a true vehicle of leisure and adventure.
The stucco volumes create a sculptural composition within the landscape.
Another view of the studio.
AO, Alpine Shelter “Bivak II na Jezerih”

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