16 Exterior House Sawtooth Roofline Design Photos And Ideas

Sarasota School specialists Seibert Architects transform a run-down, historic structure into a light-filled family home that echoes the past.
"The exterior's cedar rain screen provides a clean form without the sometimes clunky junctions of what is a simply a cost-effective steel shed behind," Daniel says. "The panels can be unscrewed and oiled." Daniel uses Dryden WoodOil on the panels when needed.
Architect Daniel Smith dreamed of a home that was removed from the stress of city life, and so he built a property in the regional township of Taupiri in New Zealand. It sits next to a river and overlooks mountains.
“We were trying to get some sort of verticality, so that it appears the house doesn’t just hover into the ground, but also rises up to the sky,” says Stuart Narofsky, FAIA and principal architect.
From the rear, the home’s layout as a two-story structure becomes clearer, as does its aggressive use of angular dimensions and expansive walls of glass.
The home's distinct silhouette meets local building regulations while delivering on the client's desire for high ceilings in the upstairs bedroom.
The bold roofline was inspired by iconic midcentury modern forms found in the work of Wexler, Berkus, and Koenig, as well as the the bathing boxes at Port Phillip Bay.
Mechanical equipment and vents are hidden in between the two peaks of the irregular sawtooth roof.
Transparent sections of the home's facade allow daylight to filter inside.
The front gate opens to the inner courtyard.
The front of the home features a privacy wall and a peek at the pleated roofline.
The balcony on the upper level looks down towards the courtyard.
A ramp leads to into the living areas located in the upper volume.
A sheltered walkway  provides shade in summer, and admits the lower winter sun indoors to warm up the dark-dyed, glossy concrete floors.
The shape and material selection of the building let it blend in.

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