16 Doors Metal Interior Design Photos And Ideas

The sloping winged walls have mitered corners and nails laid out in perfect dimensions.
The bedrooms and bathrooms are housed within the 40-by-8-foot boxes, separated by a skylit corridor.
The glass partition doors assist in opening the space up, while also enhancing the natural light.
This bar in Chicago was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Four, pivoting Corten-steel doors help with cross ventilation.
When the sliding doors are left open, the rooms enter into a playful dialogue with each other, with the dark exterior walls framing the more colorful bedroom within.
front entry interior
Overall, the plant wall covers over 1,200 square feet of surface area.
Custom steel and glass door & transom - open.
safety-wired glass doors
Custom steel and glass door & transom.

Modern doors are all about first impressions, whether it's installed on the exterior or interior. Endlessly customizable, crafted out of metal or wood, they have the power to reconfigure any space. Ideas for modern folding, sliding, and swing doors abound in our collection.