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The wall-wrapped courtyard provides private outdoor space and blocks noise from the facing street.
The firm swapped the door orientation and painted it sage green. They also preserved the surrounding lites to keep the natural light flowing inside. The original wall paneling on the right was painted a bright white, and new hooks corral coats.
On the first site visit, Rausch was relieved to see that despite a disastrous ’60s remodel, some original details, like the stained-glass windows, had persevered.
The recent remodel and expansion of this North Vancouver split-level preserved much of the front facade. New paint, new window units, and a punchy yellow door go a long way toward updating the old without making any drastic structural changes to the front elevation.
The height of oversized doors can be offset or accentuated with long hardware.
Door hardware is a small design detail, but as with all decor choices, a wise one can effortlessly elevate the overall aesthetic. From hardware style to finish and form, that doorknob you put your hands on every day can really make a statement.
A unique door that swivels from the top was designed to prevent heat escape.
In the front of the home, original Edwardian details remain—including the stained glass doors and window. The large front yard remains as a play area for the children.
The design team widened the door to the backyard.
There is now a defined entry space inside the front door.
Inside, white siding echoes the exterior of the home.
Rossi installed a new front door with amber bottle glass, the latter salvaged from the firm’s Guthrie House project in Palm Springs.
“Some people struggle with the color of the bricks. It does stand out, but in a good way. If you’re going to do something different, there’s no point compromising,” says Michelle.
The gradient of dark to light green mimics the tones of the greenery around the pavilion.
“We couldn't resist this beautiful shade of pink,” notes Richard of the door color. “It was championed by Kristina, but I didn’t take much convincing. It would also draw a lot of attention and help the house to be easily found by visiting clients and potential new business.”
For a playful touch, the front door features a MadeMeasure Stacked door handle.
The alley entrance is shaded by a cantilevered volume on the second floor. Turf-block pavers reduce runoff.
A beautiful wooden door offers a stately welcome. The polished canopy of redwood lines a bayed seating area above.
On a trip to Naoshima, Japan, the Houston newlyweds behind Robertson Design fell in love with Tadao Ando’s concrete-composed museums. This led the couple to create a residence of their own comprised of a low concrete wall, concrete cube, and box clad in Siberian larch. The indoors are rounded out with white oak, marble, and leather-finished granite.
The pink curtain is made from a semi-transparent material, which is visually similar to linen. The client's children like to use it like a "theatre curtain" when playing.
Front entry
The glass box entry was added in 1964. The home is a series of light-filled moments and lovely views of the surrounding landscape.
An original twisted column at the front entry inspired new design elements throughout the interiors.
Fifty miles north of New York City, a controversial home and guesthouse were built from Frank Lloyd Wright’s drawings on a private island. Intriguingly, the main home was completed in 1996 following Wright's original sketches for the 1950s owner of the island, who ultimately instead commissioned a 1,200-square-foot home on the island because of the high cost. Today, that 1,200-square-foot home serves as a three-bedroom guesthouse—the perfect space for extended family to stay.
Glass panels pivot to let air circulate and merge the interior with the exterior.
“People have a real obsession with putting things on the water,” says Campos. “They feel as though they paid for ocean or something, and they just need to stare at the ocean. And, I think that they really miss any opportunity to have a bit of foreground.”
The concrete block is now covered in light-colored stucco, grey lap siding, and charcoal metal trim. The front door is painted teal and surrounded by clear-coated Maple.
The sandstone flooring continues inside, as does the wall-hung bench, for a seamless look. The new white oak front door was custom-designed by Miles Woofter, and built and carved by Chuck Newport, the builder on the project. Glass on two sides brings plentiful natural light inside and better sight lines between inside and out.
The original entryway, conceived as an aperture to view beyond, was updated with more glass. The street-facing exterior was bumped out four feet toward the road to create additional space.
The entrance is an artistic mix of midcentury lines and features globe pendant lighting.
The entry to the 1953 midcentury ranch was reworked by Boyer. To the left, the popped-out window box contains a built-in bench which is part of the home office nook.
A pivot-hung door
This door with space-age knobs is painted with Behr's Flaming Torch. The brass wall hanging above the landing is by C. Jeré.
A view of the wooden front door.
Erin and Creighton Barrett with their two children.
"The house is so Neutra, yet in a more wooded setting and perched high above the river," says the listing agent Rick Distel. The front door is painted a royal blue and framed by glass windows.
Dunbar and Astrakhan's low-cost, high-impact tour de force is a storefront facade constructed from salvaged double-insulated window glass panels arranged in a shingle pattern.
The view of the protected patio from the living room.
Gentle Genius sets a new key in the urban music score, recovering a deep note lost in time, reinventing local instruments to manifest as a sound from the future, allowing the Genius Loci to compose new music again.
Now, new concrete embellished with a cement tile pad brings "an extra layer of texture when you walk in," says Valencia. Spindles were added to the restored second-floor railing for safety, before it got a new coat of paint. All new lighting makes the exterior more welcoming, as does the refreshed front door, thanks to its new sea foam color.
The use of Western Red Cedar for the interior accents feels cohesive with the exterior.
White oak cabinetry features throughout the Weave house—including in the marble-clad master bathroom. The walk-in shower area with a copper soaking tub transforms from a private retreat to an outdoor experience with a pivoting door, custom built by Identity Construction.
Bright orange paint trims glass doors set in the corrugated metal siding, providing a cheerful contrast.
The home's entrance door is richly textured from its past life as a marble chopping block.
During the renovation, the home’s older siding was swapped out for a rainscreen installation to improve moisture control.
The entrance leads straight to the central atrium.
At a loft-cum-farmhouse in Sebastopol, California for a family transplanted from Manhattan, the home needed to be open, rustic, and able to accommodate a son who gets around in a power wheelchair. From the moment you enter the home, wide, generously sizes spaces welcome you, from the wide front door to an open, central living space where the entire family—and a regular cast of visitors—spends much of their time.
Klopf Architecture preserved the vertical “thinline” wood siding, and matched it in kind at the front addition.
This view shows how the interior and exterior passageways intersect, as well as the relationship between the courtyard and the street. The architects sought to ensure privacy, so the homeowners can enjoy their garden undisturbed. "Suburban houses need to respond to the rigors of privacy and security, amongst others demands," says the firm. "Day-to-day rituals and routines may be embellished by natural light, social relationships, and a proximity to nature. The making of a home is about enclosure, comfort, and pleasure."
Throughout Thornbury House, Olaver Architecture was deliberate about applying "minor alterations to simple forms," to make the so-called "box" addition feel more special. Starting at the entry, a timber-clad, curved corner creates flow.
The home's entrance features Tiffany stained glass windows.
Locally sourced ceramic tiles are used in the kitchenette.
The paths between the chalet are deliberately unlit at night to avoid light pollution. Instead, guests are given lanterns.
Zallinger Alpine Retreat in the Italian Alps
The entrance to the home features hand-carved Moroccan wooden doors.

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