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Exposed steel structural elements and cedar siding meet in the side patio, where 27-foot-wide doors merge inside and out. By enlarging the side yard beyond setback requirements, Saez Pedraja made the house more narrow. “But, by making it more narrow, we made the living space bigger,” says the architect.
“ It’s not spaceship stuff. It’s here now, and it can save you money,” says Jeff.
The door to the bathroom has a steel detail that recalls the exterior. "It's the only interior door in this little micro-building," says Shaw. "Therefore, we felt like it couldn't just be a door; it had to be, in a sense, like a piece of furniture."
Stairs lead from the kid’s room to a washroom, and trailing vines spill into the void.
Sliding glass doors and a deck connect the minimalist dwelling to the lush backyard with a giant oak tree. The structure, known as Menlo Park Connect2, was built by Connect Homes.
The clients’ paddle collection and surf art are used as decor in the beach-inspired interior.
The sky view from the living room couch. The home is warmed by a propane heater and wood stove in winter.
Sliding glass doors emphasize the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and bring the landscape into the interior.
Steel sunshades protect the interiors from unwanted solar gain in the summer.
A large slider opens onto a small courtyard and the outdoors. The lounge chairs and ottoman are by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller and the Rivet side table is from Frama.
From the bedrooms to the common areas, each room flows into the next without a traditional hierarchy. <span style="font-family: Theinhardt, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, &quot;Segoe UI&quot;, Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, &quot;Helvetica Neue&quot;, sans-serif;">The bedroom furniture is by MOS, and the bedding is by Pendleton.</span>
The exterior is clad in Galvalume siding, a workaday, weather-resistant material that gives the facade a shimmer that varies depending on the light.
The home spreads out from a courtyard garden in a shape that resembles a hand traced on a sheet of paper. The structure of each “finger” nods to the traditional gable-sided barns that dot the area.
The exterior walls are made almost entirely of seven-foot-square sliders. The Windows and sliding glass doors are by Arcadia.
Brick continues from the interior of the home to the exterior, emphasizing indoor/outdoor living. Some of the bricks were salvaged from demolition— but to get the quantity required for overall development, the couple worked closely with London Reclaimed Brick Merchants.
“The sliding doors add to the ground-floor layout, especially in the summer where you can open up the whole space into the garden and the studio. It works so well, and makes us want to stay in London for most of the summer months.”
A sliding door connects the master bedroom to the backyard, where an alfresco outdoor entertaining area and outdoor shower are located.
Bedrooms bookend the living space in the middle.
The basement level features a game room that seamlessly opens to the deck. “The architecture isn’t loud. It’s all about the beach and being together, whether you’re in the kitchen, reading a book, or playing a game,” says Montalba.
Expansive sliding doors create a breezy space.
Massive glass doors slide open to allow cooling cross breezes to blow straight through the home.
The two bedrooms are located down the hallway from the common areas. Each room has its own fully equipped bathroom.
The subdued palette blends warm timber tones with white interiors and stone accents.
White oak cabinetry features throughout the Weave house—including in the marble-clad master bathroom. The walk-in shower area with a copper soaking tub transforms from a private retreat to an outdoor experience with a pivoting door, custom built by Identity Construction.
The custom sliding laundry room door by Dotzler Designs was made from glass and steel to allow natural light into the laundry room, and doubles as a ladder to access storage space above.
"The house was already modern, so revisioning it as a traditional New Orleans house would have required tearing it down," Troyer says. "The eight-foot ceiling height of a typical ranch house can not be easily changed to 11- or 12-foot ceilings, which are typical for historic housing." In the new living area, screen doors showcase the garden.
A view from the outdoor patio into the living space. All cabinetry is pine wood.
The translucent sliding bathroom door allows light to filter through.
Fitted with glass, a massive arched pivot door, made by Much More than a Window, provides access to the outdoor patio.
"To me, good design is about the ‘less is more’ approach," says O’Reilly.
Natural light brightens the living areas when the glazed doors to the terrace are opened.
Large sliding glass doors open the living room up to the outdoors, blurring the boundary between inside and outside.
The atmosphere of the balcony, surrounded by greenery, inspired the urban jungle concept for the newly revamped apartment.
Expansive, bright circulations offer opportunities to display art and family objects, and encourage occupants to enjoy peaceful moments.
Large, pivoting glass doors connect the kitchen with a patio.
The interior finishes are simple with a palette that's designed to last both physically and aesthetically.
Ladder steps lead up to the living area.
Victorian ash clads the lounge room walls. Painted OSB was used for the kitchen joinery and ceiling throughout.
The extension sits on a burnished concrete slab with exposed concrete bricks along the main wall.
LaCantina’s stacking multi slide door systems  were installed with a minimal-threshold Weather Resistant Sill built of extruded aluminum with a thermal break and a self-draining weep system.
Minimally separated by LaCantina walls of glass, the interior white-washed fumed oak flooring flows into the Alaskan yellow cedar deck built at the same elevation.
Uplighting makes the brass facade glow gold at night.
A sliding fire door controlled by a pulley-and-weight system divides the communal living spaces from the bedroom.
A spectacular southeast-facing view greets guests in the great room. Full-height Fleetwood glazed doors pivot open to connect the living spaces with nature outside.
Sliding doors connecting outside space to kitchen
Set on sliders, the full-height glazed doors open up to seamlessly connect the art studio with the outdoors.
Hope stripped the house, but retained the foundations and frame. This allowed her to open the property up to the view of the valley by using fully-glazed doors.
David Baird designed the custom sliding doors with materials and hardware from Home Depot. The doors also act as a makeshift critique wall for Bo and Sky’s artwork.
Open enclosures and connections to adjacent living spaces keep the home inviting and airy rather than densely packed—a key feature for an owner of two dogs: Ben, a whippet, and Flynn, an Irish gypsy dog.
This bar in Chicago was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Living spaces are provided not only on the interior, but the exterior as wall. Large overhangs provide some protection from the elements.
Further emphasizing the indoor/outdoor connection is a water feature which extends between spaces.
Floor-to-ceiling wall of glass allows for expansive views of property and pond.
A lake view bedroom.
The living room utilizes Eames lounges and a B&B Italia sofa to create a spare but comfortable environment. Sliding glass doors provide ample ventilation.

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