2 Dining Room Table Wall Lighting Vinyl Floors Design Photos And Ideas

This renovated 1965 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht elevates #vanlife with midcentury-inspired furnishings. While the roving home is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, it maintains a streamlined sense of minimalism with furnishings that fold away to create space in the compact vehicle. Custom fabricator Eoin Murphy and designer Robin Grundy-Murphy designed this airstream with entertaining in mind. A magazine rack found originally on the wall of the Airstream was replicated at the bottom of the dining banquette—which also converts into a double bed.
Fitted cupboards and bookcases help create a streamlined look throughout the home. Jutting into the space from the interior walls are rod-like metal lights, which add to the vintage feel.

The modern dining room is where the universal ritual of breaking bread brings us together. The projects below showcase elegant configurations and designs that encompass chairs and tables, bars and stools, lighting, flooring, and fireplaces.