9 Dining Room Linoleum Floors Design Photos And Ideas

Fir-veneer plywood wraps the entire interior of a compact guest cabin with a 12-by-15-foot footprint, smaller than a single-car garage.
The quaint eating area located off the kitchen has direct access to a serene lower-level patio.
“Having made the decision to have exposed Douglas fir ceiling joists, resolving the geometry of the structure over the main, non-orthogonal living area presented an interesting headache that took a while to figure out, particularly given the need also to accommodate two circular roof lights,” notes Pile.
The sheltered courtyard provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of city living. “From anywhere on the ground floor, all that can be seen are trees, sky, and the church tower,” says Pile.
The dining room features original mahogany-paneled walls and globe pendant lighting.
In an attempt to beat the winter blues and improve his work/life balance, Australian architect Andrew Maynard combines his home with his office in a sun-drenched Victorian terrace with bright bursts of yellow.
In 2016, architect Andrew Maynard of Austin Maynard Architects (AMA) decided to transform the way he and his team live and work. At the end of winter, Maynard visited a doctor about his increasing levels of stress and anxiety. The doctor’s suggestion was that he get more vitamin D to improve his mental health. Maynard decided to radically renovate his dark, Victorian-style terrace house in Melbourne, and flood it with therapeutic sunshine.
The American Son dining room.
The renovation restored the original brick and steel fireplace.
The Blues Are Still Blue

Grinding down the concrete floor was too costly, so the Benoits had it painted blue with inexpensive Benjamin Moore latex floor-and-patio paint and then sealed with Zinsser shellac—a natural, nontoxic product that brushes on and can be easily touched up. It darkened the blue paint a bit and gives the floor a hand-worked luster. 



Scandinavian Grace

The Benoits bought their Scandinavian modern table from Klassik Living in Berkeley. “Their prices are very reasonable for the uniqueness and quality offered,” says Peter. They chose teak since it darkens nicely and naturally when exposed to sunlight—–helpful since their table gets blasted by morning rays. 


The modern dining room is where the universal ritual of breaking bread brings us together. The projects below showcase elegant configurations and designs that encompass chairs and tables, bars and stools, lighting, flooring, and fireplaces.