14 Bedroom Accent Lighting Wardrobe Design Photos And Ideas

The master bedroom
The Master bedroom ensuite faces through a large internal glazing the living areas below
Detail of the make up corner
View of the master bedroom
Reflecting the client and what is most important to them:  a calm, refined composition that belies its more complex nature – perfectly suited to the writer in residence.
master bedroom with large foldable bed, redesigned based on historic photographs
This bedroom opens to the terrace.
A conversion with space-saving solutions in Paris.
Villa H | interior bedroom
Looking into the second bedroom featuring the home's recycled brick walls with a light natural, no VOC coat of paint.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.