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The home’s bedrooms connect with calming outdoor areas through large glass panels.
Natural light and great views are an added bonus to this cozy bedroom.
An upstairs apartment bedroom at the B2 Lofts with a view of the art school next door.
The only furniture in the bedroom is the bed and a side chair. Light pours in through the angled sky-light and oversized window to the street.
An unusual pairing of pink and deep green find a happy match in this renovated apartment, which was DIY’ed by the homeowner, comedian Mamrie Hart, and her friend Claire Thomas, a creative director. "I am used to painting," says Thomas, "but I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of trim in the bedroom." Cedarville, a pastel pink hue, and Green Bayou, both by Dunn-Edwards Paints, now cheer up the space.
Noiascape Studio designed the various areas in the studio to be separated by bespoke joinery. The wood-lined sleeping area features a custom Kerf Works bed.
An iconic First chair by Michele de Lucchi for Memphis sits under Antonio’s Rorschach paintings in the bedroom. "They're twins, made from an inkblot process," he says. When it came to buying the furniture he didn’t make, the architect thought about an adage from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood: "Buy less, choose well, and make it last."
New windows and skylights were added for natural light and ventilation, opening up the bedrooms to the surrounding mountain views.
In the bedroom, a custom tie-dyed wool blanket by Project Room lies on top of linens by Coyuchi. The large painting is by John Finneran, and the Eames chair is an heirloom from Lizz’s family. The space also features a Componibili Bio nightstand by Anna Castelli Ferrieri from Kartell, along with a “Katz Ramona, Katz Ramona, Katz Ramona” painting by John Finneran and an “Untitled” painting by Jennifer Boysen.
The third-level bedroom is also spare, drawing attention to the picturesque greenery outside.
Photo: Willem-Dirk du Toit
Steal this idea: The bedroom in the new volume has a “pool,” inspired by a class that Mani took. “My son was studying projection in his geometry class, so we projected a rectangle on the corner and traced it,” says Rudabeh. The color, Benjamin Moore’s Florida Keys, is inspired by a hue in David Hockney’s iconic painting The Splash. The aqua flooring is nailed to the subfloor, and the carpet goes up to the edge with a slight reveal. The rectangle is occupied by an Eames molded plywood chair.
One of the guest rooms, with large windows overlooking the front yard.
The couple’s children, who are in their thirties, often come to stay. The lower-floor bedroom beneath the library is used for their visits.
The navy and rust tones of the rug from The Citizenry help to balance the pink and green walls. "You need to bring in other tones as a breather," says Thomas. "It's like a squeeze of lime on top of food—it just punches it up a little bit." The corner chair is from Joybird, while the floor lamp is from Hudson Valley Lighting.
Sunlight illuminates the main bedroom, which features a platform bed and built-in bookshelves.
The second bedroom includes two beds for hosting guests.
Slatted doors allow natural light through while still affording privacy in the second bedroom.
The principal bedroom faces views of the front garden.
The chandelier in the principle bedroom is an antique bubble glass design from Vieux in Houston.
With wall-to-wall wood and panoramic views, this modish midcentury sets the tone for relaxation just minutes from downtown Portland.
In an upstairs bedroom, windows capture intentional views of the trees and farm activity. "Someone living in New York City, they have the thirst of wanting to connect with nature—and what better way to connect with nature other than going to a farm and experiencing farming?" says Eugene.
The fifth-floor kid’s bedroom is made to feel more cozy with wood flooring and folding wooden screens, the latter of which facilitate privacy or connection to the main spaces.
In the dressing room, the ceiling is papered with Ellie Cashman Summer Squall in midnight blue—a little pop of pattern to peek at as you’re heading through to the back door.
A view of the principal bedroom from the private garden terrace. An Eames molded plywood chair from Matisse sits in the corner. Next to the bed is a Ferm Living Insert side table and a Roy table light from Viabizzuno.
The master bedroom opens up to a private garden terrace and views of the treetops.
Using wood pallets, a common shipping material,  is a cost-effective (and, if they're reused, also eco-friendly) solution for a low-lying mattress that doesn't sit directly on the floor. Its wood construction pairs well with just about any color palette, and it can also be painted.
Inside one of the kids’ bedrooms at the front of the house is an Oeuf Perch lofted double bed, a Pumpkin armchair by Ligne Roset, and a Grain Cut side table in black from Domo.
The principal bedroom has a generous picture window facing east, and a timber bench with drawers below. A north-facing window provides natural ventilation across the bed and protected views over the trees.
Life House's COVID-19 precautions include allowing guests to opt-out of housekeeping and twice-daily cleanings of the public spaces.
Life House’s design team oversaw every detail of the project. It's helmed by Jenny Bukovec, previously of Rockwell Group, and includes Lei Xing as senior designer and Tacho Elizondo as product designer.
Guest rooms feature bespoke millwork, made with Colombian oak with raffia detailing. Vintage rugs come from Revival Rugs, textiles are Naturtex Espana, and the bedside sconce shades feature a flora print fabric from House of Hackney.
The bedroom is one of the only spaces without a rammed-earth wall, so the architects wanted to focus this room around the view. "We had to wait for a glass factory to open to get a piece of glass that was the right size," says Jobe. Now, the 15-foot window offers unobscured views down to the pool and towards the river. A screened porch lies off the bedroom: the perfect place to sleep en plein air on a hot Texas night.
The furniture mix continues in here, with a Target headboard flanked by 1960s bedside tables.
Totally immerse yourself in nature with 180-degree views at Northern Ireland’s Finn Lough resort, which offers bubble dome glamping accommodations on 45 wooded and waterfront acres. Without WiFi and cell service, these futuristic dwellings are intended for travelers who truly want to unplug.
The main bedroom is wrapped by the deck on two sides to enjoy the view.
Black accents in the light fixtures and joinery create interesting focal points within the all white-and-timber space. The neat design enables a tranquil space that is conducive for both work and relaxation.
In the largest apartment, sliding pocket doors separate sleeping and living zones. The openness of the Bizhouse apartments also conveys a sense of luxury within space-scarce Hong Kong.
Frameless bedroom windows extend beyond the floor and ceiling. "Since it's such a small house, it was really important to have this connection between the interior and exterior," says the couple.
Two covered aeries located off of the living room and the master suite (pictured) provide the client with a generous outdoor living space, rain or shine.
The Mighty Duo B unit in San Diego cost approximately $314 per square foot.
Bedroom and studio with wood strips bench
The east side of the house—the secondary residence—is set back from the master bedroom in the primary residence so that it has direct sunrise views through corner glazing.
The upper floor of the extension houses two sun-soaked bedrooms.
Civitacampomarano is a hilltop hamlet with fewer than 300 inhabitants.
The guest bedroom/study is located in the front wing of the home, next to the master bedroom. It overlooks the courtyard through a large window. Every room of the house is naturally ventilated, and the bedrooms all include ceiling fans to aid air movement.
The master suite has a deck for enjoying the view.
Allied Maker Court Sconces pick up brassy tones from the lighting and highlight a peach-toned, abstract painting from Jen Winks Hays. A pair of vintage Milo Baughman barrel chairs further brighten the space with their sunny shade of yellow.
The master bedroom was painted a soothing shade of pale gray with white ceilings and doors. Peach, fuchsia, and purple tones create a dynamic contrast in the form of a vintage, overdyed rug from Rug Knots and a painting by Amelia Midori Miller. The Urbino bed in copper is from Property Pendant, and the Line Pendant 06 light is from Douglas and Bec.
Large windows and a white bedspread lend an airy atmosphere to a California bedroom in the first home Geremia designed from the group up.
“There are dark corners, but they’re made to feel very nice because of the contrast with the brighter spaces,” explains Tuckey.
Master Bedroom

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.