300 Bedroom Chair Medium Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas

The primary bedroom is located upstairs and opens to a small deck that overlooks the backyard. Britt incorporated rugs made with natural fibers and vegetable-based dyes.
A Menu JWDA table lamp provides bedside lighting after dark.
The bedroom in La Tagua faces views of the green slope to the south. The loft also includes a sheltered terrace and another small bed to the side.
“I have always loved chairs!” says Ginger of her extensive midcentury collection. She admits that some are more comfortable than others. “I play guitar on the living room sofa a lot, and the upstairs vintage Penguin chairs are really comfortable and look out on the city view.”
Ginger’s small selection of art books adds a bit of personality without throwing off the balanced calm of the bedroom.
Cheng had to borrow space from the bedroom to create a more functional bathroom, but a built-in dresser and desk keep the layout feeling spacious.
Photo: Willem-Dirk du Toit
The couple’s children, who are in their thirties, often come to stay. The lower-floor bedroom beneath the library is used for their visits.
Slatted doors allow natural light through while still affording privacy in the second bedroom.
Midcentury bentwood chairs in the master bedroom sit atop a cowhide rug. The iron table is from Arteriors.
The chandelier in the principle bedroom is an antique bubble glass design from Vieux in Houston.
The fifth-floor kid’s bedroom is made to feel more cozy with wood flooring and folding wooden screens, the latter of which facilitate privacy or connection to the main spaces.
In the dressing room, the ceiling is papered with Ellie Cashman Summer Squall in midnight blue—a little pop of pattern to peek at as you’re heading through to the back door.
A view of the principal bedroom from the private garden terrace. An Eames molded plywood chair from Matisse sits in the corner. Next to the bed is a Ferm Living Insert side table and a Roy table light from Viabizzuno.
The master bedroom opens up to a private garden terrace and views of the treetops.
Each of the couple's three children have their own rooms, with built-in desks and storage units. The bedrooms have rift and quartered white oak flooring.
Frameless bedroom windows extend beyond the floor and ceiling. "Since it's such a small house, it was really important to have this connection between the interior and exterior," says the couple.
Bedroom and studio with wood strips bench
The guest bedroom/study is located in the front wing of the home, next to the master bedroom. It overlooks the courtyard through a large window. Every room of the house is naturally ventilated, and the bedrooms all include ceiling fans to aid air movement.
Allied Maker Court Sconces pick up brassy tones from the lighting and highlight a peach-toned, abstract painting from Jen Winks Hays. A pair of vintage Milo Baughman barrel chairs further brighten the space with their sunny shade of yellow.
The master bedroom was painted a soothing shade of pale gray with white ceilings and doors. Peach, fuchsia, and purple tones create a dynamic contrast in the form of a vintage, overdyed rug from Rug Knots and a painting by Amelia Midori Miller. The Urbino bed in copper is from Property Pendant, and the Line Pendant 06 light is from Douglas and Bec.
The architects custom designed all the beds from mañío wood.
Castaños House by Arch. Ekaterina Kunzel & Arch. María Belén García Bottazzini
Nina sources vintage items, appreciating their lived-in quality, to complement higher-end pieces. In the master bedroom, a vintage Norman Cherner chair is paired with a midcentury-modern desk Nina found on ebay. Accenting the room are a Moooi light shade and Caadre mirror by Philippe Starck.
"I have some small paintings from an Artist named Barbara Irwin," says Amanda. "Currently a ship on our bedroom mantel, and a whale above our bed. A few years ago I purchased France & Son’s take on a Jeanneret chair. You see them a lot of places now, but I still love it."
"I definitely like to mix modern with traditional and am also a sucker for some rattan or caning to add a dose of a coastal feeling," says Amanda.
Large, glazed doors and windows on two sides of the master bedroom in the main house bring views of the coastline inside and flood the space with natural light.
A new dormer, streamlined window plan, and bathroom created a full-fledged guest suite that’s much more comfortable.
The doorway to the suite is framed by cabinetry.
The homeowners’ daughter’s room has views of the neighborhood’s many trees.
A Casper mattress sits opposite a Klein Agency oak chair in the master suite. A West Elm lamp illuminates the reading nook at night.
Diaphanous curtains help soften the influx of light.
The room features walnut flooring and built-in closets of the same material that were custom-made by Kenwood Cabinetry.
The master bedroom features a large grid of windows that "gets likened to Dürer’s Device (an early method for understanding perspective)," shares Hackett.
The window and handrail details are minimal to enhance the indoor-outdoor relationship. The furniture are equally streamlined; in the lounge is a Louis Poulsen AJ floor-standing lamp and Knoll Barcelona day bed.
The guest room offers some extra space with an added monitor for when Jules and her husband need some solo time to work during the day.
"I don’t like ‘decoration,’ says Jules. "I like everything to have a purpose, so you won’t find any decorative items just taking up space—unless it’s a 100-year-old family heirloom from Korea." On the wall here is art from Jan Skecelik.
The "secret room" has become a special space for the couple's grandchildren to enjoy. It is their playroom as well as a spot for special sleepovers. "I guess the short, sloped walls are a real draw for kids, like a playhouse, but with WiFi," Hixton says.
The master bedroom. The upstairs floors were all redone with reclaimed fir from another site.
The guest bedroom is furnished with a plywood desk. The original timber beams provide a rustic contrast with the new plywood additions.
All-white furniture complete the purist design.
Their Room & Board bed is swathed in sheets from Parachute Home.
A colorful sliding wall provides privacy and a pop of colorful pattern in the master bedroom.
The view from the third-story study across to the master bedroom.
20 years after a Phoenix-bred family purchased 180 acres of wild bush, they finally decided to build upon it. They built four structures and then this modern guesthouse. The floor-to-ceiling windows throughout bring the outside world into the interior of the home.
Natural materials, mainly timber and stone, were used throughout the interiors, which are minimally dressed to keep the focus on the outdoors.
Leÿer produces surf-inspired timber furniture—including pieces like this half-moon headboard.
The cabins are furnished with pieces that add to their charming outdoorsy atmosphere, like   camp blankets and chairs.
Every Buhaus unit comes with a custom Murphy bed with integrated storage on all sides to maximize space. “We look at our unit as if someone was staying in a very cool hotel room,” says Burdge. “It has everything they could need: a bed, sitting area, closet, mini bar, bathroom, and an incredible outdoor shower experience.”
Light hardwood, custom lighting, and bright textiles give new life to the once-drab master bedroom.
Bright master bedroom, frames view
In the sleeping pavilion, the master bedroom looks out onto the 70-foot lap pool and expansive views of the surrounding mountains. Built-in cabinetry, expansive fenestration, and a harmonious color palette define the calming space.
The master bedroom—located in the "sleeping volume"—has views over the water. The bedrooms are left unheated, and ceiling fans are used for cooling in summer.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.