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Alexandrine describes the second bedroom as "a functional space for a grown-up girl student."  On the wall, prints by Olga Fradina are mixed with vintage graphics from the 1960s. A lamp from the 1970s sits atop a modern italian writing desk.
Photo: Willem-Dirk du Toit
The accommodations vary in size and layout—this room faces an interior courtyard.
“We select mattresses based on the research of sleep and posture, provide towels with a soft feeling of textile, and arrange lighting devices which induce natural and high-quality sleep,” says the brand.
The master bedroom has sliding glass doors which lead to the backyard.
La Vinya, PGA Golf Resort | Studio RHE
A look inside the guest bedroom.
The bed is from Four Hands. The bench is from CB2, and the rug is Loren by Jaipur Rugs. To the left of the bed is a West Elm end table and wall-mounted sconce.
The new extension houses the master bedroom, closet, and bath. Barn doors conceal the master bath and closet (not pictured). The bed faces views of the pool while a clerestory window above lets in additional jungle views and daylight.
A look at one of the three bedrooms, which is bright, airy, and has a tasteful mix of luxe materials.