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The serene shade of green is echoed in the furniture throughout the home, including the bedroom nightstands.
A detail of the bespoke bed.
A close-up of the nightstand and another piece from Sangaré’s UNITÉ lighting collection.
The bedroom is predominately oak with a custom-designed bed and nightstand. The lighting in this room is also by Sangaré.
The hideaway bed tucks neatly into the storage unit.
A hideaway bed in the guest room allows this space to also be used as an office. Sangaré’s UNITÉ lighting hangs above.
"We decided to bring the kale-green shade from the kitchen into the bedroom by painting the wardrobe green,"  adds Lauren.
The custom-made king-sized bed is dressed with luxury duvets from Böhmerwald, Bavaria, and fluffy linen from Schlafgut, Germany. There are window blinds for the walls if more privacy is needed, while the glass roof remains exposed to the sky.
The kitchen opens out to a bright garden, and the master bedroom overlooks the streets.
"I like lamps with opal white and brass elements," Taeyman adds, who used lamps of different heights throughout the space.
"I added pendant lamps, reading lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps for a cozy mood," she explains. "The light sources emanating from varying heights creates a wonderful atmosphere."
To filter more natural light in, Taeyman also installed additional windows throughout the home.
The guest bedroom on the third floor has a shaker style, tiger-maple canopy bed, Adrian Pearsall lounge chairs, and an antique shaving stand.
A Lawson Fenning cane bed, Selig night stands with fabric sling, an antique screen, and an antique barrel chair are in the master chambers.
"Only the ridge of the two-sided roof directs the house. Otherwise, the chalet does not have a specific address or entrance; or rather, it benefits from four different ones. Accordingly, one enters and exits most of the rooms from and to the outdoors, integrating the pastures as a spatial sequence," says Gallina.
The fully glazed master bedroom opens onto a large rooftop terrace that overlooks Jersey City's Paulus Hook neighborhood.
Custom walnut cabinetry in the sleeping area warms up the concrete shell.
Simply pull down the top bunk from the ceiling and unfold the bottom bunk from the banquette.
On the upper floor, the peaked roof form is revealed. A built-in headboard provides some separation between the functional spaces within the suite.
The standard King Room offers courtyard rooms and TRI-KES wallcovering.
Exposed brick walls can be seen in the Premium King Suite, which overlooks views of Magazine Street.
Because the house is a flip plan, the living spaces are located on the top floor, and the bedrooms and a family room are on the lower level.
The master suite provides a dreamy place to relax with bay views.
The interiors feature a minimal palette of timber and concrete. The bathroom of this bedroom is hidden behind a sliding wall.
A new bedroom was created in the lower level of the extension. Nested within a cliff to make the best of the site’s sloping terrain, this bedroom receives plenty of natural light.
The minimalist interiors are predominantly white with an understated luxe vibe.
In the guest cabin, a sliding wall of glass opens the bedroom up to views of the forest.
The master bedroom is enclosed in glass, and connects to the outdoors via massive pivot doors.
The bedroom on the second floor has a treehouse-like feel.
A bedroom on the upper level.
View of the central core from the bedroom.
The bedroom is illuminated by tall, skinny windows and a skylight that's positioned over the bed for stargazing.
Many of the rooms offer panoramic views of the surrounding bay.
The master suite is located in a part of the house that was previously Holland’s studio.
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
From these two balconies, one can look down at the top of the tree in the middle of the enclosed garden.
A queen-sized bed in the bedroom with simple linens.
Ray Kappe, now 80, sits in the master bedroom. He says he's as busy now as he was 40 years ago.
On the opposite end of the pool is an ensuite bedroom that is connected to a smaller, corner terrace.
Jorie found these skinny end tables at IKEA, and chose a bed that could be lifted to hide extra bedding and supplies. She explains she wanted the interior of the home "to be light filled, airy, and as open as possible."
"Having the double loft really created a lot of sleeping space for our kids—we have two double beds and two single beds up there," Jorie says. "Unlike a lot of tiny homes, we do have our own separate bedroom that is in the front of the home."
Adler's Slate grass cloth, a material he likes because it feels natural, sheathes a guest room's walls. Ravello and Nixon side tables flank the bed, which is covered with Adler's Alexander duvet. A reissued mirror by renowned metal artist C. Jere rounds out the eclectic room.
To maximize the limited floor area, Saunders ripped down all the non-structural walls to open up the interiors, so the spaces feel roomier.
The remodeled townhouse, which was completed in 2016, has 750-square-foot of living space, including two bedrooms, and a bathroom, spread across three floors.
To maximize the limited floor area, Saunders ripped down all the non-structural walls to open up the interiors, so the spaces feel roomier.
Saunders retained the old house’s original, narrow staircase, which leads up from the first to the second level.
Maja and Asa hang out in the guestroom, which also doubles as storage space with an entire wall of closets along one end.
Maja demonstrates another use for the guest bed: a trampoline. Behind her is a wall of storage, an essential attribute in the 1,260-square-foot house. Extreme editing of material possessions also helps.
The snug attic contains the couple’s platform bed, custom designed by Bjerre-Poulsen to maximize storage and fit the unusual space.
All of the beds in the house are playful custom one-off designs by Crasset, including the marionette-themed master bed, which a local carpenter fabricated from oak felled in the surrounding forest. The stone fireplace is original.
The "nighttime" quarters of the penthouse unit, clad almost exclusively in white, are the analog to the dark-toned "daytime" space. The bedroom, like the rest of the unit, is sparsely furnished with an Extrabed by Fabien Baron for Cappellini.
The bedroom opens out onto the deck and meadow beyond.
The children's bedroom with a pullout storage area.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.