2495 Bedroom Design Photos And Ideas

The ceiling height at the back of the upper level was boosted to create more headroom.
A handmade Japanese futon awaits overnight guests.
The interior is painted Sherwin-Williams Extra White.
“The bedroom count stayed at three, but we added a new studio/playroom and converted one of the original bedrooms into a family room,” says Erik. Radiant-heated ceramic tiles warm the master bedroom on cold days. The bed and pillows are from IKEA.
Jorgen Hovelskov’s Harp Chair sits in a guest room.
Some bedrooms are just big enough for a mattress.
Some of the bedrooms seem to float on the water. The island has become a favorite gathering place for family and friends, who go from building to building via elevated pathways and boardwalks.
Several years later, he installed an exterior staircase and divided the upper floor into two guest wings that accommodate up to six people apiece.
Ryan fashioned the sconces in the sleeping loft for about $10 each. “The electrical was the most daunting task but also the most rewarding,” he says. “When you plug in a light and turn it on, it’s momentous.” His electrical work was later certified by a pro.
Standard Double Room
private loft
stargazing suite
A balcony-facing study area.
The full-size bed has an IKEA mattress.
The bedroom features a retracting Apple TV and additional storage space. A 25-gallon fresh water tank lies beneath the bed.
Skylights and large windows keep the interiors bright and airy.
Casework incorporated wall sconces instead of table lamps to save space.
The king-sized bed and end tables are from West Elm.
The light-filled master bedroom offers a mix of closed and open storage.
“We brought in a deep blue-green, Benjamin Moore, Miramichi paint to add a richness to the space,” says Keasler.
After: the guest room
A bedroom with a light blue sliding door.
A sitting area and bathroom are located outside one of the bedrooms.
Large windows bring sunlight into the bedroom.
The interior of the Pinecone is a 100-square-foot octagon, however the tree house can be custom made in a larger size.
The master bedroom interior is finished with cherry wood.
A bedroom wardrobe wall completes the renovation. Despite the more subdued color, yellow accents continue the apartment’s lively palette.
Every room uses a mix of natural materials and textures to help bring the outside in.
The restored bungalow courts, nestled on Sunset Boulevard between Silver Lake and downtown, will offer one-bedroom bungalows and two- to three-bedroom town homes with private patios and communal spaces.
Page made the headboards and shelves out of sugar maple sourced from the property.
The master bedroom and the master bath enjoy a more private, shaded forest view.
The children's bunk beds are custom made and the bedding is from Schoolhouse. The black Radar Sconces are from Schoolhouse.
The master bedroom has bedding from Schoolhouse and an Isaac Sconce in brass.
HGAA ensured that all the rooms of the home have a direct view of nature. The windows in the bedroom of the Ninh Binh House provide light and ventilation, while the outside greenery helps create the privacy needed for the interior space.
Design your own lighting fixture with LaMetric's Sky mosaic light panels.
The LG OLED TV R can disappear into its base, sit in “line mode” (pictured) or roll up for a full TV screen
The office-turned-sleeping nook.
The Lath House consists of four bedrooms, three of which are located upstairs. The ceilings are natural bamboo.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.