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Guest Bedroom and Guest Bath
From bedroom til living room. Lots of natural lighting, even when the sliding door is partly closed. Daybed for relaxing moments after a hard and busy day at work. The work space is lightened up with LED on the wall/ceiling. Worktop desk is made of birch plywood with lots of storage.
View from the main bedroom.
Our bedroom area is simple and cozy. The two built ins you see on either end of the bed to the left house our bathroom elements, one is our composting toilet the other is our tub base/shower. The wooden tops flip up when in use.
The bedroom is the most pared-back room in the house with just a handful of furnishings including a custom-designed bed.
As a bonus, the camper comes fully furnished.
A gentle curve blurs the line between wall and ceiling in the bedroom, creating the illusion of height. A similarly curved Only U Wall Light by Volker Haug simply adorns the wall.
The master bedroom features sliding doors that lead out to the backyard.
Located on the fifth floor of an unassuming building in Datong district, Play Design Hotel is a hidden gem with only a small sign to announce its presence. Polished concrete walls and floors coupled with large, black, metal-framed windows create an elegant backdrop for the hand-picked design objects sourced from over 100 local Taiwanese designers.
The rooms have a private bathroom finished with colorful custom terrazzo tiles and vanity, as well as a mix of vintage and custom furniture and lighting.
Double bedroom in white and grey colors
Canny 'The New' Boy's Bedroom
The master bedroom overlooks panoramic views of the East China Sea.
Master Bedroom View to Creek
Guest Bedroom
Bedroom/work space. Relaxing work enviroment.
Interior view of lower level bedroom looking towards the spiral staircase
Within these rather small spaces, a complex narrative emerges through the alternation of low and tall ceilings, wide and narrow doorways, dark and light floors, dense and empty wall surfaces. The overall composition of space is also enhanced by the unfolding of multiple options to move from room to room, resulting in layered views and flowing circulation.
The chic interiors include an adjustable double bed, teak flooring, a leather rear wall, and the option for a TV and Bose audio system.
The home is styled with Bensen furniture in exclusive Raf Simons fabrics, as well as Cloth Studio linens, curtains, and bedding.
The perimeter walls have been peeled back to expose the original brick as a reference to the building's past.
Canny 'The New' Bedroom
A custom-made glass door has been integrated to maximize the natural light throughout.
AFTER - New triple pane tilt-turn windows.
The Master bedroom ensuite faces through a large internal glazing the living areas below
Bornas and his team at Workroom contrasted and harmonized each element of the design to create "a sense of consistency that adds to the depth of experience." Interior stylist Simone Haag added the finishing touches with carefully selected furniture and objects.
One of four bedrooms.
Steel was chosen for the frame of the cabin because of its fire and water resistant qualities.
Downstairs bedroom and lounge area
Downstairs master bedroom
This bedroom features a beautifully tiled bathroom.
The master bedrooms open directly onto the outdoor space.
The bed occupies a cozy alcove.
Guest suites in the livery include cozy living areas and king-size beds that are upholstered in a rich turquoise velvet.
Inside the cottage are two bedrooms that have been updated with crisp white paint, new linens, and light fixtures.
On the second floor of the inn, the six bedrooms were refreshed with new paint, light fixtures, and furnishings.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.