14 Bathroom Freestanding Tubs Stone Slab Walls Design Photos And Ideas

The skylight and floor-to-ceiling glass windows invite nature into the bathing area of the bathroom.
"A lot of the interiors included natural stone—completely unpolished and unsealed that we really wanted rough and exposed," says the firm. "Because the house is so minimal and clean, we wanted to create contrast within it. Unsealed travertine is so much more beautiful and natural than when it’s completely machined over."
Exquisite Bathrooms supplied the sanitary ware and chromeware.
The marble continues into the shower, while a freestanding tub is set up to take in the view.
Miró Rivera Architects utilizes a palette of cool grays and white marble in Vista Residence's master bathroom to echo the home's exterior.
A travertine-clad bathroom interior was inspired by spa retreats much-loved by the owners.
A bathroom that looks out to the lagoon.
The spaces are engulfed in tuff and sections of plastered perimeter walls.
Owners Bath

A comfortable bathroom is a key source of tranquility in your home. Whether sleek and minimal or bursting with colorful tiles, a curated modern bathroom impresses residents and guests alike. Find inspiration to create your own personal oasis with these projects featuring popular counter materials like marble, quartz, and wood; flooring options like ceramic, hardwood, and concrete; and a huge variety of sink, tub, and shower options.