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The sleek wall-hung sink is made of Black Marquina and complemented by the texture of the terracotta floor tiles. The clay wall coating has a waterproof finish in the bathrooms.
The skylight illuminates the Vieques bathtub designed by Patricia Urquiola.
The Bisha Suite bathroom features a large shower, tub, and two vanities—all wrapped in golden spider marble.
"Great hotels have stories that go beyond providing a bed for the night—they offer moments of discovery, unexpected adventures, encounters to be savored and retold," says The Calile Hotel, and we wholeheartedly agree. Careful consideration has been put into every detail of this pastel-hued oasis in the middle of Brisbane. Allow your mind to wander as you relax by the pool, lounge at the hotel bar, or simply enjoy the impeccably-designed interior spaces.
Master Bath
Samuel designed the unique brass inlay pattern for the terrazzo floors, and the new glass-enclosed shower is an airy reprieve. All of the fixtures and faucets are from Wayfair.