17 Bathroom Drop In Tubs Wall Mount Sinks Design Photos And Ideas

In the bathhouse, "clay bricks slip-glazed on two sides are laid with contrasting mortar to match the raw clay color of the other sides," says the firm.
A horizontal glass pane stretches the length of the bathroom, illuminating the redesigned space from above.
A classic scheme in the apartment bathroom utilizes white subway tile and two-inch black hex tile, both from Nemo. The vanity was sourced from IKEA, and a Cedar & Moss sconces flank the mirror.
"I put everything that I've always loved into this house," says Tyler—and that includes white tiles edged with gray grout in the bathroom, a design move previous clients had balked at.
An opaque glass wall which extends the length of the tub, allows filtered light into the bath space.  All white elements allow the light to reflect, creating a bright interior.
Wooden panels provide a contrast of warmth against the white walls and fixtures.
A clean-lined bathroom of stone and concrete.
When redesigning “Madmen” actor Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood cabin, architect Funn Roberts installed custom shoji-style screens of to conceal the closet and provide privacy for the adjacent shower and soaking tub.
Sofie and Frank built a box around an ordinary glass fiber shell bathtub, then covered it in a mosaic of shower tiles. Natural light from a large dormer window gives the tiles an almost iridescent glow. The toilet is Duravit.
In the bathroom, the sink is by Kohler and the tub is by Maax.
In order to give the redesign a seamless feel, Brigham and Archuleta carried the use of wood throughout the room—including the shower. Archuleta researched types of wood that can withstand a high-moisture environment, and the most visually appealing was coastal redwood. He came across an unlikely source of reclaimed redwood: old pickling vats from a company called Trestlewood. 

Experience in working with reclaimed wood taught Archuleta that “wood that’s been exposed to liquid for long periods of time pulls in minerals that it wouldn't naturally have access to in its living state.” In this case, the iron bands and nails that held the barrels together reacted with the pickling liquid, leaving behind a rich, dark patina.
Kids' Bathroom
Kids' Bathroom
The master bathroom is softly lit by a skylight. The bath, by Laufen, is sunk into the floor to maintain a feeling of space.
The bathroom includes a sink Bornstein discovered in a secondhand store.
The focal point of the room is a glass fiber-reinforced concrete sink that weighs 460 pounds. The material is stronger then regular concrete, so the overall thickness of the sink is a mere two inches. By using GFRC, Archuleta was also able to create a more uniform surface with almost no pinholes—important both for maintaining the minimalistic appearance of the room and to avoid leaks in the areas that would be in direct contact with water. Concrete is also incorporated into the bathtub and shower bases.

A comfortable bathroom is a key source of tranquility in your home. Whether sleek and minimal or bursting with colorful tiles, a curated modern bathroom impresses residents and guests alike. Find inspiration to create your own personal oasis with these projects featuring popular counter materials like marble, quartz, and wood; flooring options like ceramic, hardwood, and concrete; and a huge variety of sink, tub, and shower options.