9 Bathroom Medium Hardwood Floors Wall Lighting Wall Mount Sinks Design Photos And Ideas

The primary bath features a large clawfoot tub and offers direct outdoor access.
Both traditional and composting toilets are available to accommodate off-grid living.
A look at the only full bathroom in the original structure. The space features the original redwood paneling with updated fixtures and finishes.
A freestanding bath lies underneath skylights in the master bathroom.
At the sink area is built-in storage and a floating glass medicine cabinet.
Nushu describes the results on their website: "The interior brings to fore the building's sometimes quirky original structure, and maximizes natural light, views, and an expansive floor plate." Finished guest rooms were then named for local literary luminaries such as Upton Sinclair, Sandra Cisneros, and Saul Bellow.
En-suit classic-European espired bathroom
Houle designed the ofuro tub in the master bath to mesh with the home’s tallowwood wall paneling. The Ikea sink is outfitted with Vola faucets.